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A Woman tells of her False Accusation (edited)

by Chiron

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(Peter, Thanks for your reply. In regard to my story you have my permission to publish my letter. I only ask that you send me a copy and leave my name on it. I don't feel the need to hide anymore

As a woman how else can I help support the Men's Equal Rights Movement? I believe that I would be supporting a campaign that, in time, will change our actions and, better still, our thinking in a positive manor. I believe that we Men and Women have to work together to make these much needed changes. Take care have a good day. Sincerely, Chiron)


Hi. My name is Chiron I was reading a new found friends web site and decided to take a look at yours.

I don't talk about my past much. But I felt a need when I saw the truth to your site or what I've seen so far. ( I haven't read it all...yet) Ouch it really hit home.

When I was a teen I began acting out I was rebellious I started to have an intimate relationship with my then boyfriend. During which I had Bad feelings which I now recognize as NORMAL feelings of guilt and sadness. I continued on a downward spiral, and so my Mom took me to a psychotherapist who diagnosed me with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

She concluded - during "therapy" - that it was from my Uncle who had molested and tortured me when I was young.

She, the therapist, would constantly drag ideas out of me. I remember entire sessions where she would ask LEADING questions about the "abuse."

The "Therapy" didn't stop at weekly visits. No, she introduced me to other clients, and she even brought me to her house. I even had my own key to her farm.

She is an equestrian owner and regularly competes. Soon she had me working at barns, 'hers' included. We were like best friends. She is an author, budding romance, go figure, and would ask if she could write about me often. I had agreed then - NOT now.

I want this to stop. I have lived until about a year ago thinking all this was true. How Horrible. I don't want to make myself sound like the victim. But in a way I was too.

Don't get me wrong, my Uncle is far from decent. There was sexual misconduct on his part! He showed me erotic material, talked about sex a lot and on one occasion showed me his genitals. He also did many drugs in front of me including coke and shot some unknown drugs up in front of me with his friends.

My point is this I am older now And need to make things right I never confronted him. No one but my Mom, Grandma and other Uncle and of course therapist even know about this. And only myself and now you know what really happened!

This is an ugly awful trend that Must stop! Some women do it for greed, self loathing, and some are lost - looking for a reason why their lives are messed up - and some are just evil Bitches (sorry for the profanity).

Back to the point... I would like to know more! Educate me, so that Maybe I can help other women change. And so I can clean out my own closet.

Do you know of groups like yours in the US?

I know I have just told a Complete stranger my darkest secret I am entrusting you with it. I am ashamed of myself. And I believe to many men are getting their lives destroyed because of things like this again this must stop in whatever form deception is just that.

In closing, I hope you read this and respond for we in the US need you !


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