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Camera catches out False Rape Complaint

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Camera catches out False Rape Complaint

I state elsewhere that:

If women could tell the difference between fact and fiction;
and if men could tell the difference between their brains and their testicles,
there would be no such thing as Feminism.

Because of these intellectual problems that men and women have, many Feminists have been heard to say that women never make false rape complaints. I am sure that Feminists have said this at universities and at conferences, which are the places where Feminists (and others) can get away with saying the most stupid things and be applauded for it. People who contradict them get shouted down by the Feminazis.

However, there is research, such as:

Kanin, Eugene (1994):
"False Rape Allegations." Archives of Sexual Behavior Vol 23,No.1: 81-92

which proves that almost half of rape complaints are false -- at least, for those places and at the times under study.

On the other side of this page you can see another sort of proof, which is very concrete, and easy even for a Feminist to understand. A woman made a rape complaint to the police in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, recently. She said where and when it took place -- well, she had to, didn't she ? But there were closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in place there, for security reasons, and they proved that she wasn't even there at that time.

She then confessed that she had made the story up in order to get attention. If it hadn't been for the cameras, some poor man might now be in jail. The article doesn't say that the police would be prosecuting the woman -- but you don't prosecute women in New Zealand. They are the ruling class !


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