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Lying Female Witnesses

Peter Zohrab 2020

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(Open Letter to the Prime Minister)


Dear Mrs Ardern,


Reforming the law with respect to female witnesses



Your reaction to the Christchurch massacre of Muslims was admirable! However, on the topic of Islam, I would like to mention the Islamic teaching that two female witnesses are equal to one male witness. See, for example, the page: https://www.alhakam.org/why-are-two-female-witnesses-equal-to-one-male-witness-in-islam/ .

I am not a Muslim, but I think that Islam is on the right track on the issue of female witnesses. The Islamic verse cited on the above page gives the following reason for requiring two female witnesses as the equivalent of one male witness:

so that if either of the two women should be in danger of forgetting, the other may refresh her memory.

This -- on its face -- seems to imply that women have worse memories than men, but it is conceivable that what it really means is that women are more likely to tell lies than men are. After all, religious books are not likely to be so undiplomatic as to say that women tell more lies than men do, even if the authors happen to believe that!



That is a matter for Muslims, not me, to decide. However, there is research which shows that testosterone administration substantially decreases lying in men. See: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3468628/ . Men have more testosterone in their bodies than women do, so it is natural to assume that research would show that women tell more lies than men do. Unfortunately, we might have to look to Islamic universities to carry out such research, because Western universities are just one big public relations firm acting on behalf of women! They would never carry out such research, without first biasing the research design, so that it could not possibly prove that women tell more lies than men do. In other words, Western, female-dominated universities are just big lie-factories, acting on behalf of women.

For example, consider the Massey University course, "Psychology of Women" (https://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/learning/programme-course/course.cfm?course_code=175311). The (obviously female) lecturer describes this course as follows:

A theory and research-based examination of psychological issues that concern women. The issues are viewed from four contemporary theoretical perspectives and include psychological differences among women and life events that occur exclusively for women. The history of women in psychology and research methodologies suitable for use with women and girls will also be examined.

Obviously, this is a political, rather than a scientific course. Here, male and female taxpayers are being forced to pay for a university to host a "What do women want?" type of course, rather than a "What are women actually like?" type of course. It is about "issues that concern women," and treats women as the drivers of the research, rather than as the objects of study. There is no chance whatsoever that this lecturer would promote research into whether testosterone-deficiency causes women to lie more than men do!

In other words, female-dominated Massey University is lying by calling this a course on the Psychology of Women.



Feminism itself is a bundle of lies, of course. As I mentioned in my article, Dedicating My Next Book to Jacinda Ardern, you are a Feminist. You have even written an article entitled: "Jacinda Ardern: I am a feminist." In that article, you state, "if you believe in equality, you should be a feminist." However, you never want equality where that would benefit men over women -- e.g. letting men play professional sports with and against women on an equal basis, as they are legally forced to do in most workplaces. And how about enforcing the same physical standards for male and female applicants to join the Police?


False Allegations

Lots of men (including myself) have been the victims of false allegations by women. The Police, who seem to be just a bunch of women's thugs, have a tendency to come along and believe whatever a woman says -- if she is telling lies about a man.

I therefore urge your Government to adopt the Islamic legal practice of treating one male witness as the equal of (at least) two female witnesses!


See also:



-- Hamill, Jasper (2019): "Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim." Metro, 4 Jan 2019.



Peter Douglas Zohrab

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19 January 2020