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Equality for Hermaphrodites (and Everyone Else)

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(Open Letter)

Dear President Zuma,

My understanding is that people in South Africa feel sorry for the humiliation recently suffered by alleged hermaphrodite athlete Caster Semenya.  That situation could have been avoided if we had equality in sport.

It is highly offensive to me that the sporting activities of other countries were interfered with for political reasons in order to bring down the racial apartheid regime in your country, when we have a sexual apartheid system in sport world-wide which caused the problem which your country is having with Caster Semenya.

I am happy that you no longer have racial apartheid in South Africa, and I commend you on the peaceful way in which you made the transition to democratic rule -- without apparent revenge-taking, despite the previous, huge provocation.  However, the time has come for you to take the lead in a movement to abolish sexual apartheid in sport, so that people like Caster Semenya do not have to suffer needlessly.

In every aspect of work and life generally, women world-wide have claimed and achieved the right to so-called "equality".  But where is the equality in professional and amateur sports?  I call on you to take the lead in working for the abolition of the sexual division of competitive sports into men's and women's divisions.  Why should women get medals for achievements at a level which men cannot get medals for?

Equality for Men in Sports!


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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