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The Feminisation of Jobs in France since the sixties

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The advantages that girls are getting in education lead to a one-way change in society: no gender equality can be reached that way; there is no way back to equality if policies aren't changed !

It can't be a natural process. The downside of "brilliant girls" is "doomed boys" . Education is the "Trojan horse" of feminist power manipulating male political puppets! We can now see the consequences of women's suffrage, without being conscious of the potential for tyranny through their overwhelming majority. Every bias against men comes from it, including breast cancer campaigns as against nothing for prostate cancer.



Here are OECD conclusions from the report: OECD/UNESCO UIS 2003, p161:

"Policy makers have given considerable priority to issues of genders equality with particular attention being paid to the disadvantages faced by females .The results of PISA (Programme International pour le Suivi des Acquis des élèves -- editor) point . to a growing problem for males ..Effective policies and practices can overcome what were ,by long taken to be the inevitable outcome of differences between males and females ..It is clear that some countries provide a learning environment that benefits both genders equally .The enduring differences in other countries as well as the widespread disadvantage now faced by young males in reading literacy require serious policy attention."

According to PISA results, girls do far better than boys in reading and the gap is widening. As regards Maths, boys used to do better, but it seems more and more untrue -- and in science as well .

France is one of the countries that are ignoring the problem. The consequence is a speedy feminisation of high-brow jobs !



From 1975 to 1995, the number of persons in the "Professions Libérales" increased by 38,6%: 33.1% more females and 16.2% fewer males. I've focused my attention on 3 fields: Justice, Medical staff, and Education.


I. Justice staff:


II. Medical staff :


III. Education staff: (Primary Schools):


Two "laws" seem to be confirmed:

  1. High-brow jobs that once were mainly male are, right now, dominated by females or very nearly so.

  2. Jobs that were already mainly female in the past are increasingly dominated by women (nurses, school-teachers)

On the other hand, blue-collar jobs are left to men. In 2003, out of 100 men working in France, 37 were in blue-collar jobs-- and only 10 women out of 100 were in blue-collar jobs!



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Another BRP report: «Etat de Féminisation des Profession Libérales» Sep. 2001 Ph. Ulmann , O. Ferrier


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