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Left Dishonourable Minister proves that a Woman's Place is in the Home

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(Open Letter to United Kingdom Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell)

According to the webpage:

"U.K. Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell in March 2003 sent a letter to Dawson urging him to stop holding golf's oldest tournament at men-only venues."

Assuming that report is correct, may I ask (only rhetorically, I assure you !) what measures you are taking to ensure that women's golf tournaments are open to men ?

It is bad enough that women's professional sport does not practise sexual equality and allow men to compete, but now vicious scum like yourself have the gall to demand that men's tournaments do for women what women's tournaments do not do for men!

There is a word for talking about equality while practising inequality, and
that word is hypocrisy!

There is a word for a government applying double standards, and that word is

If you don't understand that, then you are incompetent, and belong at home.

If you don't have any concept of equality, then you belong at home.

Some members of the UK Men's Movement are already talking of revolution, so maybe gaol is where you will end up.


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