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Equality before the Law (updated)

Peter Zohrab 2019

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(Open Letter to the Minister of Justice and the Police Commissioner)


20 December 2019

Hon Andrew Little
Minister of Justice
Parliament House

Mr. Mike Bush
Police Commissioner
Police National Headquarters
180 Molesworth St
Box 3017


Dear Mr. Little and Mr. Bush,


Equality before the Law


Resign, you Fascists!

I have seen both of you on television wearing white ribbons, the symbol of a militantly Fascist, lying and anti-male organization (https://whiteribbon.org.nz/). The White Ribbon organisation lies by pretending that female violence against men either does not exist or is somehow not important. See Research on Domestic Violence in New Zealand (http://blackribboncampaign.altervista.org/nzdvrsch.html).

Moreover, it was founded in Canada as a reaction to a Men’s Rights massacre which was an extremist protest against anti-male media bias (http://blackribboncampaign.altervista.org/maleindx.html). And it is media bias which has given this organisation masses of free publicity and allowed it to grow and thrive and con moronic Fascists like you two into wearing its symbol. Anti-male media bias is a corruption of the democratic process and you, Mr. Little, should be working to eliminate it. Whatever you may find to criticise about US President Trump pales into insignificance beside the decades-long anti-male bias of both the media and the education system in such countries as ours – and is probably a reaction to it.

New Zealand pretends to be a democracy and you two are, respectively, the Minister of Justice and the Police Commissioner. You do not have the option, in a democracy, of wearing the Fascist white ribbon. By doing so, you are proudly stating that the police and the justice system are biased against men – which many men know from personal experience anyway!

If you continue to wear the white ribbon, New Zealand men will be justified in concluding that democracy does not exist for them and that they need to seek other forms of government to this pretend-democracy of yours!


Official Information Act request to the Minister of Justice

Under the Official Information Act, please send me the entire questionnaire (in its present form) of the New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey.

I have followed the history of the predecessor of the New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey (https://www.justice.govt.nz/assets/Documents/Publications/NZCVS-2018-Methodology-Report-Year-1-fin.pdf ) (i.e. the New Zealand National Survey of Crime Victims) and publicly criticised one version, where the questions were quite obviously doctored in order to artificially make it appear that there were more female victims, compared to male victims (http://blackribboncampaign.altervista.org/4dvlies.html#survey).

Therefore it is totally obvious to me that the real reason for the change from the predecessor to the current survey is to find other ways of doctoring it in order to provide the desired result, which is that women are made to look more victimised than men are. That is because I have a huge amount of experience dealing with the total scum who inhabit Police National Headquarters, the Ministry of “Justice”, the Ministry of Social Development, and so on. I note that most – if not all – of the people involved in the New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey are female and the Head of Statistics New Zealand is also a female, I gather (although its website carefully conceals that fact), and she managed to make a complete botch-up of the most recent census. That’s what happens when you appoint someone because she is female, rather than because he is competent!


Yours sincerely,

Peter Zohrab

On 23 January 2020, I wrote again to the Minister of Justice, as follows:


Dear Mr. Little,


Official Information Act request


I realise that the festive season must have extended the period for Official information Act responses, but I am writing to remind you of the following request, made on 20th December 2019:

Under the Official Information Act, please send me the entire questionnaire (in its present form) of the New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey.


Yours sincerely,


Peter Zohrab




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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23 January 2020