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Female Entitlement and Male Servitude

© Peter Zohrab 2015

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I hadn't heard of the notion of "Entitlement", as a term of abuse, until a low-life judge applied it to me in a court case in which I was doubly a victim: first a victim of assault by a woman, and then the victim of a false conviction for assault on that woman and for disorderly behaviour. So I thought I would google the phrase "male entitlement" (with quotation marks), and I was not surprised that I got about 74 thousand results ! The phrase "female entitlement" only got one tenth of that number of hits. That just means that Feminists teach "male entitlement" as a theoretical concept, but obviously never talk of "female entitlement". So presumably "male entitlement" is a concept that gets bandied about at universities such as Waikato University, where this judge teaches part-time!

  1. One day I was waiting for someone in a shopping mall carpark, and I saw a woman jaywalking in the roadway, as if it was a pedestrian precinct. A car came up behind her, and couldn't get past her without going onto the wrong side of the road, so the driver hooted at her. So, did the woman move out of the way? No! She turned around to face him, called the driver an "old man" (English was obviously not her first language, so she knew no swear words), and stood right in front of the car for several seconds! Then she walked on, got into her own car and drove away (obviously angry), forcing herself into the stream of traffic on the main highway -- as I could tell by the facts she did not pause at the carpark exit and I heard a truck hoot. Being a woman, she obviously felt that she had a right to inconvenience mere men and to do whatever she felt like!

  2. More recently, I was driving past the front entrance of a large hardware shop (Mitre 10 Mega), trying to find a place to park, and found that my way was blocked by a car which had stopped, for no obvious reason. I waited a second or two to see if it was going to move one or if someone was going to get out, but nothing happened, so I hooted twice. I could not see who was in the car, but there was a big White man standing in a position to see both myself and whoever was in the other car. He glared at me. I can't remember the exact sequence of events, but the car soon made way for me and I was able to drive on and find somewhere to park. At some stage, I saw a well-dressed White woman get out of the car, helping an elderly woman walk into the shop. Not only did she not apologise for blocking the roadway without giving any indication as to what she was doing, but she told me off, saying that I should have been patient and that it was Christmas. (Actually, around Christmas people are exceptionally busy with all the extra shopping that they have to do, so it is the worst time of year to be selfish, ignore other people's rights and break the road rules!) She then said she was afraid of road rage, and raced the elderly woman into the shop, where they disappeared at a much faster pace than I have ever walked in a shop! I did not approach them or say anything to them. When I came back from parking my car, the big man was still standing there (I am quite big, but he was even bigger), so I went up to him, called him a thug and told him to mind his own (fucking) business. I said that I had a sore knee, but I had still found a proper parking place and parked there. I said that men had no rights in New Zealand, because men like him were always taking the side of women against men. He moved his arm, as if to punch me, but then he realised that punching me would just prove that he was a thug! A store manager then came up and asked us to stop arguing outside his shop, so I went into the shop. As I went, I heard the big man resort to lying, saying that I had abused the women -- whereas I had never even spoken to them. The women had known that one of them had a mobility problem, so they had had various choices: they could have shopped online, the younger woman could have come by herself, they could have come by taxi, or they could have parked normally and walked to the shop -- it was obvious that they could move very well together arm-in-arm. But no -- they decided that, because they were women, they could do whatever they wanted and inconvenience other people -- and they were backed up by a servile, chivalrous man. (Actually, the office of one of the important professionals who I use has been acting strangely recently, so -- given the well-dressed nature of the women concerned -- it is possible that they are connected to that office. In that case, a conspiracy theory comes to mind, since Feminists tend to "play the man and not the ball" and are perfectly capable of setting up a situation which would damage my relationship with an important professional.)

  3. Another example of male chivalry backing up FEMALE ENTITLEMENT ocurred in the same carpark as my first example. I parked my car in a block of parking-spaces, but not straight. The reason for this was that it would be awkward having to back out to straighten it, because it was hard to see what cars or pedestrians were approaching. A Maori woman nearby then abused me, saying "You park like a girl!" Presumably, she thought that she herself "parked like a man!" I took offence at this, but as soon as I started replying to her, a short White man about 20 metres away started glaring at me. He was in no position to know what had been said or what it was about, but he just saw a man arguing with a woman and decided to help the woman! On a later occasion, a couple of White woman conveyed the same message in a more polite manner, and since then my parking has improved in that respect.

  4. In an incident on a train which resulted in a court case, a White man called Chris Vertongen said to me, "Don't argue with a woman," which is one of the most incredibly spineless things I have ever heard a man say!

  5. Then there is, of course, the issue of Choice for Men. I am against abortion, because the aborted child has NO CHOICE. Only the woman has CHOICE. The father has NO CHOICE. If the woman decides not to abort the child, then the father has to contribute to the child's upkeep -- whether he has custody of it or even access to it, or not. Or the father might be against abortion -- but Female Entitlement trumps both his rights and the rights of the child. Where is the "equality" in that? Feminists love to pretend that Feminism is about equality or equity, but they always forget to mention equality or equity in relation to issues like this.

  6. As a mature student at university, I have had a couple of instructive examples of Female Entitlement. One day, a couple of years ago -- on the very first day of the semester -- I was lying on my back at lunchtime on a lawn, in the sun. A young female appeared, wearing a very short skirt. It had of course been HER CHOICE to wear a short skirt and HER CHOICE to go to that particular lawn, and I was there before she arrived. But it then appeared to become MY DUTY AS A MAN to avoid looking up her skirt! Well, I did not try to avoid looking up her skirt, although I did not actually look up her skirt, since she did not come close enough to me when I was looking in her direction. The next time I went to that particular lawn, there was another girl (young woman) with a short skirt lying on the grass, but what was interesting was that there were two students (a male and a female) bullying me, by staring at me if I happened to look at her legs! These bullies were enforcing FEMALE ENTITLEMENT, by, in effect, stating that women could CHOOSE to expose parts of their bodies to public view, but men had an OBLIGATION not to look at these exposed parts unless the women happen to find those particular men attractive (or wealthy).

  7. Not long afterwards, on a windy day (and that city is famous for being windy), I came across a female student wearing a short and flimsy skirt, which blew up in a gust of wind. I did not look away, because she had CHOSEN to wear a short and flimsy skirt in a notoriously windy city. As a male, I do not have a DUTY to be subservient to the consequences of CHOICES which are made by women! I got glared at by one or two domesticated male students nearby, and one student followed me about a hunderd yards, until he or she was able to bump into me in a pretend-accident (which was an assault)!

  8. One of the most glaring examples of FEMALE ENTITLEMENT involves so-called "date-rape" and so-called "marital rape". Feminism and the Sexual Revolution have made a big deal of women's sexuality. However, the Feminist influence on the law relating to rape has ignored the fact that dating and sex exist for the benefit of women, as well as men, and they have concentrated on widening the definition of "rape", increasing the penalties and making it easier to prove. Only the initiator (usually the male) runs the risk of any legal penalties, and the passive party (usually the woman) can be as passive, ambiguous, misleading or downright dishonest as she wants to be in that situation, and she will never run foul of the law.

  9. See also my article on The Move to Female Subjectivity as the Standard for Law and Policy.



Peter Douglas Zohrab

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24 July 2015