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Feminist Hypocrisy

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As I pointed out in my book, Sex, Lies & Feminism,

One of the biggest Feminist lies is the lie that Feminism is about sexual/gender equality. When I was asked by Feminist radio interviewer Kim Hill to define Feminism, for example, she was suprised that I didn't accept that equality was a central concern of Feminism. I had to explain to her that Feminists pick off individual issues and define what they mean by "equality" with respect to those issues in isolation from the total picture.

So even those Feminists who most people think of as working towards sexual equality are actually working for selective gender equality -- they themselves select the issues where they think more sex equality is needed, and they also define what "equality" would mean as far as those issues are concerned.

"Equality" is just a propaganda slogan for them. If they were genuine about seeking equality, they would ask Masculist groups to join in the process of deciding what "equality" would mean for a particular issue. Then Masculists and Feminists together could look at the whole of Society and draw up a master plan for achieving sexual equality across the board.


Here, for example, is a letter which I wrote to, Laila Harre, the Minister of Women's Affairs at the time:


The Honourable Laila Harre,
The Minister of Women’s Affairs,
Parliament Buildings,

Dear Madam,

I am writing on my usual topic: Feminist hypocrisy — specifically, the hypocrisy of your Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

You will be aware that many people in our benighted world actually believe that Feminism has something to do with the search for equality or equity between men and women. In fact, when I was interviewed by the otherwise sophisticated Feminist radio personality, Kim Hill, she was surprised to learn that this was not the case.

Indeed, your Ministry’s Departmental Forecast Report 1999/2000 lists

1.Equity, and
2.No discrimination

as two of its six goals for women.

Naive people would readily assume that this means equity between men and women, and no discrimination either against women or for women. But that is a sick joke.

Could you please explain to the gullible public of New Zealand why it has taken a male Minister of Justice (Phil Goff), rather than a female Minister of Women’s Affairs, to make women equally (with men) liable to criminal charges for indecent assault and other sexual crimes ? And why has your Ministry not long ago had abolished the sexist offense of “Assault on a Female”, which carries a higher penalty than “Common Assault” ?

If, for your Ministry, “equity” means privileges for women, and “no discrimination” is compatible with discrimination against men, could you please explain why you have not yet moved to create a Ministry of Men’s Affairs ?

I followed that letter up with another, and eventually received the following reply:

So the Ministry of Women's Affairs was hypocritically claiming to be about Equity and No discrimination, when in fact its only purpose is to "improve women's lives"!


On Yahoo!/Answers, I asked the following question:

Why is it hypocrisy to talk about so-called "gender equity" without defining it or saying who will judge it, and how?

and I added the following remark:

I hope Ya Coffee will answer this question, since she has blocked me from answering her question about gender equity! See how scared the Feminists are of free speech, open debate and democracy!

I added the following link, which is about how the body that educates judges (the Institute of Judicial Studies) decided to brainwash judges about so-called "Gender Equity", without even defining it! http://blackribboncampaign.hostingsiteforfree.com/unhurico.html

Ya Coffee did answer my question, and this is my comment on the final paragraph of her answer:

You say "Defining "gender equity" should NOT be looking at every single policy in one country which favours women and ignoring everything that favours men as well as ignoring the lack of balance. How is that fair? ", which is exactly the hypocrisy that I was talking about.

Ya Coffee had the cheek to make that statement in an answer about hypocrisy!  She was accusing men of using the term "gender equity" in a one-sided way, when in fact:

  1. The term "Gender Equity" is a Feminist term, and men hardly ever mention it;

  2. It is Feminists who look at every single policy in one country which (they claim) favours men and ignore everything that favours women as well as ignoring the lack of balance.

Feminists are so used to being hypocritical that they are even hypocritical when answering questions about hypocrisy!  Feminists are habitually hypocritical, because they control the media and the education system, which constantly pump out the same hypocritical propaganda and make it safe for other Feminists to be hypocritical and not be exposed.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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25 April 2020