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A Different Take on Ramesh Nair's Theory of Domestic Violence

© Peter Zohrab 2006

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Some people seem to assume that I must agree with all opinions expressed in the articles on the websites I administer. For that reason, and because he has raised an issue that I had thought about myself, here is my take on Ramesh Nair's thoughtful article on Domestic Violence: The physically violent husband is a battered male.

The way I would have started an article on that topic would have been with Nair's statement that:

"Males ... will not resort to crying and hysteria as a general rule."

Then I would have brought up the issue of how male third-parties react to female crying and hysteria. As Nair puts it:

"Society is conditioned to respond to (female crying and hysteria) protectively and will favor the female even though they are equally capable of being physically violent, vindictive...."

I would have referred to examples of how irrational many male third-parties can be when they encounter conflict between a male and a female, such as: If women could tell the difference between fact and fiction, and if men could tell the difference between their brains and their testicles, there would be no such thing as Feminism! And also: Al Qaeda and the MUC-Induced Psychopathology of the West.

Then I would have asked: Given the obvious and huge disadvantage that men suffer from when in conflict with a woman (i.e. third parties will probably take the woman's side -- no matter what), how can Society best deal with such conflicts in a fair manner?

When you approach the matter from that starting-point, I believe that it will be obvious to most people that there is a problem, and that Nair's article is at least a reasonable attempt at finding a solution. Lying, censorship of relevant research, and victimisation and demonising of men -- the West's current official approach -- is so insane and demonic that almost any other approach would have to be an improvement.

The West's current official approach is also obviously not working -- the constant blaming of men by the lying media (see, for example: Tracey Swanberg and Dyke TV Tell Lies Because they Can, Because they Want to, Because they Want to) has only resulted in increased domestic violence, which plays into the hands of the Women's Refuges, who then get more money, facilities, staff and power.

I am not convinced by Nair's proposed solution, but he has certainly raised an important issue.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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24 July 2015