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Andrew Little Lies Like a Girl.

Peter Zohrab 2018

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(Open Letter to the Minister of Justice)


Dear Mr. Little,


Re: Your lying claim that Ruth Busch is "an expert on family violence" (http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA1808/S00203/family-justice-reforms-experts-announced.htm)


The above webpage announces the names of your so-called "Family Justice reforms experts", including Ruth Busch, who you call "an expert on family violence". However, she is just a retired Law teacher.

You have a Law degree -- as do I -- and both of us know very well that the Law includes statutes, rules and regulations, but does not include substantive matters, such as Family Violence, which comes under Psychology. A competent Psychologist who studied Family Violence would be knowledgeable about many of the works listed in Professor Martin Fiebert's Annotated Domestic Violence Bibliography , which

examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.

Therefore Ruth Busch cannot possibly be, as far as her previous teaching activities are concerned, "an expert on family violence". As you presumably also know, she has apparently worked closely with a Psychologist from Waikato University, Neville Robertson. The Green Party supports your Labour-led Government and Jan Logie, the Green MP, is your Under-Secretary for Justice (Domestic and Sexual Violence Issues). So it must be that Jan Logie, who is a Fascist, man-hating Dyke, wanted Ruth Busch, who is another Fascist, man-hating dyke, to be your so-called "expert on family violence" -- perhaps because they couldn't trust Neville Robertson to be anti-male enough.

Nevertheless, she is not "an expert on family violence", so you are a liar!

Now, if you would like to see the kind of garbage that Ruth Busch and Neville Robertson churn out, have a look at their article, "I Didn't Know Just How Far You Could Fight: Contextualising The Bristol Inquiry".

In Section II "A Foreword to Christine's Story", they make it clear what the "factual details" are that they think are needed to retrospectively justify the recommendations of the Bristol Inquiry which resulted in the Fascist Domestic Violence Act that we have had since 1995. They state at the beginning of Section II:

This article is essentially Christine Bristol's story.

In case that is not clear enough, they go on to refer (four sentences further on) to:

rejecting claims of 'objectivity' and 'detachment'.

Unlike you (I guess), I have studied Psychology as well as Law, including the Massey University third-year paper "The Practice of Psychological Research", during which Antonia Lyons taught us that there was no such thing as objectivity. I dropped out of that paper (in 2007) when she refused to permit me to carry out some research on Domestic Violence.

I put the following points to you:

  1. If someone does not believe in objectivity, they have no business teaching at a university at taxpayers' expense, because all that they can ever teach will be subjective, by their own definition;

  2. If they do not believe in objectivity, they are bound to be more subjective than other people, since most people at least try to be objective when teaching Psychology;

  3. A Psychologist who does not try to be objective is of no use to Parliament or the legal system, since both Parliament and the legal system strive to achieve objectivity.

  4. Scum like Ruth Busch, Jan Logie and Neville Robertson only ever consider the woman's side of any marital situation.

  5. If you are competent as a Lawyer, you will be aware of the fundamental Human Rights principle Audi Alteram Partem, i.e. Hear Both Sides.

  6. It is a tragedy that Ruth Busch's parents survived the Jewish Genocide, because she and Neville Robertson are far worse than Hitler. Countless men and children have suffered at the hands of stupid politicians, police, lawyers and judges who have been influenced by their Feminazism!



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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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29 October 2022