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TV3's Primitive Religion

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(Open Letter to the Minister of Broadcasting -- slightly edited)


Dear Mr. Foss,


The TV3 Religion

As a follow-up to my letter of 10 November 2013, I am writing to you about the primitive religion subscribed to by TV3, which is very influential, given its ability to send a lot of people the same (false and/or distorted) message at the same time.

On the 19th of September 2013, Simon Shepherd, on TV3's "Firstline" programme, used the occasion of Suffrage Day to dish out some one-sided Feminist propaganda about employment issues.  He actually stated that he was spewing out this propaganda because it was Suffrage Day.

Now, Simon Shepherd is clearly fairly stupid.  He did not spell out the connection between Suffrage Day and women's employment issues, because there is none.  (And this is quite apart from the fact that he did not invite me, or anyone else, to advocate for men on this issue).

The only way one could possibly think that there was a connection between Suffrage Day and women's employment issues was if one believed in a Feminist religion which taught that women were always and everywhere oppressed, and that it was the job of journalists to expose this oppression, which once denied women the vote and now denied them jobs.

In fact, of course, men used to be conscripted into the armed forces in wartime, in return for having the vote, but women got the vote without having to be conscripted. And women are allowed entry to the Police at lower physical standards than men are, whereas men are never allowed entry to professions at lower standards than women -- even when the professions are female-dominated (e.g. teaching and nursing).


Conspiracy Theories

Fortified by its primitive religious beliefs, TV3 has made fun of the reported comment of Conservative Party leader Colin Craig that he was unsure if man had ever walked on the moon.  Although I do not have such doubts and do not believe in any of the famous conspiracy theories, I do understand where he is coming from.  The point is that Colin Craig is conservative and religious, and people like him can see that the MUC (Media-University Complex) constitutes, in fact, a vast propaganda organ of the Political Correctness religion, so people like Colin Craig may tend to develop an extreme scepticism about whatever they see, hear or read from such sources. 


The Media's War on Men

The Feminist religious media have long been waging war on men and conservatives. 


Government's Support for the Feminist Religion

The media's Feminist religion is only enhanced by the Government's anti-male sexism.  For example, the Government has a Ministry of Women's Affairs, which is precisely a temple to this Feminist religion, since its very existence amounts to a claim that women are always disadvantaged, and that men are never disadvantaged.  However, this has never been proved by anyone -- much less by this Government!  Finance Minister Bill English has repeatedly said that abolishing the Ministry of Womens' Affairs "is not a priority", which is clearly a hypocritical form of words which condemns men to paying taxes for an organisation that actively lobbies against men's interests.

Moreover, the Prime Minister is an Ambassador of the discriminatory White Ribbon Campaign (which ignores female violence against men), and he has said that he would never grant an honour to a man who had hit a woman, which is grossly sexist, since that means that he would grant honours to women who hit men.  In the unlikely event that a Government headed by John Key ever offered me an honour, I hereby declare that I would refuse to accept an honour from such a sexist and anti-male person!


The Media

What people do not generally realise is that the media exert a lot of power over politicians.  The politicians are forced to suck up to the media, because of the way that the media stand between them and the public at large.  For example, I suspect that some politicians wear the white ribbon in order to ward off Feminist journalists, just as people used to use the Cross to ward off the Devil.  If you wear a white ribbon, maybe all the Feminist media will treat you nicely!  What people also do not realise is what ignoramuses the media are.  For example, I was once a part-time journalist for a construction industry publication, when I know absolutely nothing about construction or architecture! 

I urge you to reform media law, because it is the media (together with the education system) who are really running the country, and that is not the Democracy that most people expect.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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