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Media Dictatorship in India and New Zealand

(Open Letter to TV3): UPDATED

© Peter Zohrab 2013

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To: reception@mediaworks.co.nz


Dear Sir/Madam,

According to The Dominion Post of 8 November 2013, TV3 was responsible for initially reporting, on 3 November 2013, that a group of male teenagers was boasting online about having (at least technically, legally) raped intoxicated, under-age girls.  This media event has spawned the predictable political spin-off of Rape-Crisis-like groups marching and petitioning for societal and legal changes which are not necessarily closely linked to the facts of this situation, which facts are still in the process of being legally established.

This parallels the media-fuelled hysteria-campaigns which, in the past, have led to an insane domestic violence law in New Zealand, dubious reforms in the New Zealand Police, and to changes in the regime around rape in India -- a country which is a recent convert to the matriarchal thought-proceses which are dominant in the West.  I realise that TV3 is a female realm, and that females are less rational than males (see: Hall, Witelson, Szechtman & Nahmias, "Sex differences in functional activation patterns revealed by increased emotion processing demands", NeuroReport Vol. 15, No. 29, February 2004), but I have three rational requests to put to you, nevertheless:

Could you please:

  1. give me the number of potential news stories which you discarded on the relevant day (presumably, 3 November 2013) to make space for the breaking of the Roastbusters story; and

  2. tell me how many person-hours were spent by your staff on searching the Internet, in the hope of finding a males-do-evil-things-to-women story , which resulted in finding out about the Roastbusters?

  3. give me a copy of your full and detailed definition of "newsworthy event", in order to reassure me that you do not just set your sexist reporters loose to find anti-male stories, with which to create anti-male hysteria and produce societal and legal change in a desired (i.e. anti-male) direction.

I note that searching Google News for '"Zealand "3 November 2013"' results in 778 results, so I assume that you would have had to discard something of the order of 770 stories in order to finalise your news bulletin.

Countries such as India and New Zealand are not democracies -- they are Media-University dictatorships.  Leftist, dumbed-down university Political Science departments teach low-brain, high-prettiness journalists that they are part of the "elite".  Thrilled to be part of the "elite", these journalists are keen to "make a difference", and to give meaning to their pathetic lives.  So are refugees from Australia's higher intellectual and moral standards.

But what kind of "difference" should this elite make?  Here western journalists rely on what the increasingly female-dominated education system has taught them, which is that women are oppressed, and that they should look for examples of this oppression, so that it can be removed.  So journalists look for examples of news items which appear to fit the model: Male Oppressor Oppresses Female Victim, and hype them up -- ignoring all the male victims of female oppression, which are totally incompatible with their feminist ideology.

India is fast catching up with this western decadence, as feminism works hard to replace Hinduism as India's main religion -- just as feminism has replaced Christianity as the West's main religion (i.e. ideology). 


UPDATE: After three years, I have still not received a reply from Media Works.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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15 July 2022