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NZEEF Submission to the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct

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1. Re Term of Reference (4): Police Conduct, especially sexual conduct

It is none of the Commission's business what the sexual conduct of members of the Police is outside working hours, as long as no law or regulation is breached thereby. Arguably, to inquire into such issues amounts to a breach of the Right to Privacy, which is implicitly allowed for section 28 of the Bill of Rights Act.

The present Government has legislated in the area of sexual morality in a manner which has been vey controversial, and it is in no moral position to try to impose its own version of moral conservatism on the Police, on the one hand, while outraging the moral codes of conservative members of Society by its "progressive" social legislation, on the other.


2. The Need for an Inquiry

The Commission should rule that the need for it to exist has not been established to the standard expected by a reasonable person, and it should therefore wind itself up forthwith(i). There has been no prima facie evidence in the public domain of any widespread occurrence of sexual crimes by police officers, and the setting up of this Commission therefore appears to be a knee-jerk, hysterical reaction to one highly-publicised allegation. One can understand that female members of the public like to feel sure that the Police, who are supposed to protect them from sexual crimes, are not themselves systematic perpetrators of such crimes, but the proper forum to try this issue is in a Court of Law. The fact that this Commission has indeed been hampered in its work by the need to give priority to the relevant Court processes is a demonstration of the validity of that point.


3. This Commission of Inquiry embodies a Breach of Section 19 of the Bill of Rights Act.

Men are much more liable to be discriminated against by the Police than are women, so the fact that this Commission exists, while no Commission is investigating discrimination against men by the Police, is a prima facie breach of section 19 of the Bill of Rights Act 1990. This is another reason for this Commission to wind itself up forthwith.

Successive New Zealand governments have seen themselves as promoting "equality for women" (which is a mindless and hypocritical phrase which ignores equality for men), and have prided themselves on New Zealand having been the first country in the World to give women the vote.

With the connivance of the highly oppressive "Human Rights" Commission, however, the Police have lower physical standards for female entry into the Police than for male entry. We submit that this fact is bound to detrimentally affect Police morale, to instill a culture of anti-male double standards and discrimination which must inevitably affect how the police treat male and female members of the public, and to result in a relatively ineffective police force, since physically competent male officers on the front line are constantly having to "carry" physically incompetent female officers.

There was a recent case the the United States, for example, of a dangerous prisoner escaping from a courthouse by grabbing the gun from his guard -- a grandmother ! Because of Feminist dominance of the media (I must add), the fact that the guard was female was concealed by most media outlets, so you are probably unaware of such incidents when they occur in New Zealand and elsewhere.

Having female officers enter the Police force with the benefit of a double standard allows them then -- in the consequent atmosphere of political corruption -- to carry out anti-male propaganda activities from their taxpayer-funded power-base. For example, I refer you to the webpage http://nzmera.orcon.net.nz/pubenemy.html , where you can see a Police advertisement that attacks men by characterising them as violent, and accuses them of using children to regain control over a relationship when it ends. The Police treat Women's Refuge as a reputable organisation, whereas in fact it has no academic credentials, no system for filtering out false claims by women, no concept of intellectual integrity, and is grossly sexist and anti-male.

4. In conclusion, we submit that this Commission should wind itself up forthwith and should recommend the setting up of a Commission of Inquiry into the effect on Police morale and efficiency of anti-male double-stanrdards in recruitment, and the setting up of another Commission of Inquiry into the Human Rights Commission.


i e. by the quickest legal method it considers available to it.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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4 August 2015