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The Orgy of Female Violence in Western Feminist Theocracies

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Centre of masthead on front page of The Dominion Post Weekend, November 9-10, 2013

Centre of masthead on front page of The Dominion Post Weekend, November 9-10, 2013


(Open Letter to the Minister of Broadcasting -- slightly edited)


Dear Mr. Foss,

I am writing to appeal to you to do something about the way the broadcasting media (and other media) systematically:

  1. encourage women to be violent towards males;

  2. ignore female-on-male violence in their news and current affairs; and

  3. indulge in orgies of man-hatred on the basis of one-sided, lying reporting about the relative scale of male-on-female violence.

    Above, you can see a scan of the centre of the masthead on front page of The Dominion Post Weekend, November 9-10, 2013.  This masthead depicts a bride holding a shoe above her bridegroom's head, with the stiletto poised to hit his head, and the expression on her face also indicating that she is about to hit him with it.  This is an illustration for an article which advocates that wives argue with their husbands.  In effect, the illustration encourages women to be violent towards men, as part of the "arguing" process.

    Similarly, on the 11th of April, 2013, Rawdon Christie, on TV One's "Breakfast" programme, urged women to slap any man who asked if they were pregnant!  And he was not sacked! 

    And the shorts from fictional programmes on television frequently depict women hitting men, although the converse is rare.  This also serves to make female violence seem harmless, and to encourage it.

    Meanwhile, the media have been systematically following the Feminist line that domestic violence is solely or mainly a male-on-female phenomenon.  The media all treat organisations such as Women's Refuge as if they were experts, or authoritative, whereas they are a secretive, discriminatory pressure-group which do not allow males on their premises, although they allow violent Lesbians onto their premises.  The media almost never invite comment from pro-male groups on domestic violence issues.

    The research (see Professor Fiebert's Annotated Bibliography of domestic violence research at http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm) shows that women are just as violent as men, including in New Zealand, including initiating violence, and including the use of weapons* (such as stilleto heels!).  Advertisements about domestic violence always show the man as the aggressor, so only women are encouraged to report domestic violence.  This results in Police statistics looking as if men are committing more violence against women than vice-versa, because men hesitate to complain to the Police about violent women.

    And meanwhile, New Zealand appears to be full of completely brainwashed men who run around wearing white ribbons, meaning that they are opposing violence against women (violence against men being OK)!

The Broadcasting Act is not geared towards combatting this sort of systematic bias and systematic man-hatred, so could you please consider amending it, so as to put an end to this systematic and violent anti-male campaign?  I have been campaigning for decades to end this bias, and I have found the Broadcasting Authority and Press Council to be both Feminist bastions, which automatically and routinely turn down any anti-Feminist request.  Perhaps you could include the print media in the Broadcasting Act and abolish the sexist, anti-male Press Council?


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*McLeod, M. (1984). Women against men: An examination of domestic violence based on an analysis of official data and national victimization data. Justice Quarterly, 1, 171-193. (From a data set of 6,200 cases of spousal abuse in the Detroit area in 1978-79 found that men used weapons 25% of the time while female assailants used weapons 86% of the time, 74% of men sustained injury and of these 84% required medical care. Concludes that male victims are injured more often and more seriously than female victims.)  -- from http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm


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