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Being a Woman is Never having to Say you're Sorry (Open Letter to a Feminist Journalist)

Copyright Peter Zohrab 2004

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Dear Joanne Black,

I refer to your column "Girls can do anything" in Wellington's Dominion Post of 24 May 2004. You focused on the implications for our view of women of such photos as that of US Private Lynndie England holding a naked male Iraqi prisoner by a leash tied to his neck -- see:



http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/international.cfm?id=493722004 .



The first point I'd like to make is how basically illiterate we are as a society, when it takes a photograph or two to drive home to society -- and to Feminist journalists, in particular -- what was completely obvious, based on the massive print evidence that is available. That fact shows how much more powerful television must be, compared to the print media. The Dominion Post has occasionally publicised research showing how women commit just as much Domestic Violence as men do (see http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm ), but what chance has that got of penetrating the average skull, when television (as it used to do) broadcasts propaganda images that seem to indicate the opposite -- and when lying scum such as the Consumers' Institute and Amnesty International treat Domestic Violence as just something that men do to women !



But I want to focus on your concluding remarks. You write:

"it is sexist to single out Lynndie England and Sabrina Harman for more attention than their male counterparts ...."

I agree with you, in a way, but the reason that you did focus on the two women is that Feminists like you (who partially control the information about the real world that ordinary people get to hear about en masse) have been consistently peddling to us a totally moronic and sexist image of women as good and of men as evil. That is the sexism that you failed to mention !

Your concluding sentence is:

"Sadly for those of us who thought we were better, women have proved themselves men's equal."

I would like to know what could possibly be more sexist than a bunch of women (apparently including yourself) thinking that women were morally better than men !

But it's worse than that. The stupid idea that women are morally better than men is the national religion of countries such as New Zealand and the USA. It underlies policy after policy, Parliamentary Bill after Parliamentary Bill, and Law after Law. And, on top of that, we have had lying propaganda campaigns in our schools saying that "Girls can do anything," with all the negative impact that this has had on boys' self-esteem and women's sexist arrogance.

Let me take your newspaper, the Dominion Post, as an example:

  1. The only time it (or its pre-merger equivalents, the Dominion and the Evening Post) has ever taken the initiative to interview me (New Zealand's most prominent Men's Rights activist) about anything at all was when a gay-sounding male rang me up for comment about New Zealand having just acquired women leaders in all of the following posts simultaneously: Governor-General, Prime Minister, Attorney-General, Chief Justice, and CEO of the then largest company. Obviously, I was supposed to be disappointed, and to feed the Dominion's Feminist staff and readers with something to gloat over ! You have never sought my views about the oppression of men.

  2. I once had the experience of making an anti-Feminist, oral presentation to a Parliamentary Committee, where no media appeared to be present. I say that, because I asked if any were present, and no one replied. However, the next day's Dominion carried a report of the Committee's hearing, which consisted entirely of the content of one Feminist group's submission (which I had heard at the time). This is corrupt journalism, where Feminist pressure groups can get their propaganda disseminated verbatim by the media, with anti-Feminist information suppressed.

  3. There was a period when the Dominion was constantly running articles aimed at heightening women's self-esteem -- with references to "Superwomen" or "Strong Women" forming a feature of the coloured contents-banner on the front page. Needless to say, these women were not "Superwomen" by any rational standard. This propaganda campaign came to an end about the time I published my satirical poem: Ode to Strong Women .

It is not enough for such man-hating, Female Supremacist propaganda to stop. It has a vast influence on the number of murder-suicides that take place, on the numbers of men that get arrested, on the anti-male sexism that other organisations, such as the Police, the Law Society, the Institute of Judicial Studies, the Public Service, Parliament, the Education System etc. think they can get away with, and on the amount of harassment from anti-male morons that activists such as myself experience.

Feminazi journalists in the Dominion Post and elsewhere need to take responsibility for the vast amount of harm their anti-male sexism has caused. As warriors on their anti-male Crusade, Feminist journalists should take their lead from the Japanese Samurai and -- in my honest opinion -- atone for their sins by committing Sepuku !


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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