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The Real Parliamentary Parties

© Peter Zohrab 2006

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Late in 2006, a book was published which was based on a huge number of confidential National Party emails which had been obtained by unknown means. This book resulted in the replacement of National Party Leader Dr. Don Brash with Mr. John Key. Dr. Brash had abolished the position of Women's Affairs Spokeswoman and Mr. Key has reinstated it. This means that a National Party government under Dr. Brash would have abolished the Woman's Affairs Ministry, but under Mr. Key a National-led government will retain it. Dr. Richard Worth was once caught by a Feminist TV camera talking to John Tamihere, and now, under John Key, Dr. Worth has been demoted from Justice Spokesman to Associate Justice Spokesman. Who benefited from the leak of the emails, if it was a leak?

Some month ago, I was astonished to hear, on National Radio, how confidently knowledgeable left-wing Feminist Laila Harre was about the future of the National Party Leadership -- much more so than her right-wing colleague, Matthew Hooton. Moreover, she was right! She confidently predicted that Dr. Brash would be overthrown, and she said it in a tone of voice which indicated that it was all over bar the shouting. How could she know this, when her right-wing commentator did not?

In April 2005, Investigate magazine published a stunning interview with former Labour Cabinet Minister John Tamihere. It was stunning only because the Feminist mainstream media censors the point of view that he represents, so what he said was a shock to most people. This is what he said about the unionist/leftist/feminist wing of the Labour Party:

"You see, these people think in timeframes of ten to 15 years, it’s only bastards like me that struggle through the current term. So when you’re positioning for high places, they’re thinking that far ahead.

The Labour hierarchy purposely lost the election in 1993 (my emphasis -- PZ). They could have won in 1993. Mike Moore came within one seat. But the party pulled all their energy out of Auckland. He was up here at two o’clock in the morning, the leader of a major party, nailing in hoardings in Greenlane. Him and Clayton Cosgrove, hammering away, because no one else would help them.


They don’t have families. They’ve got nothing but the ability to plot. I’ve gotta take my kid to soccer on Saturday, they don’t. So they just go and have a parlez vous francais somewhere and a latte, whereas we don’t get to plot, we’re just trying to get our kids to synchronise their left and right feet. They don’t even think about that."

People think that what we have in Parliament is a division between political parties on a right-left basis, but there are issues, such as the Environment and Feminism, which cut across that to a large extent. Obviously, the Greens, on the extreme* Left, are more committed to the Environment and Feminism than is the Act Party, on the extreme* Right. But the Feminists have even mounted a coup in Act, demoting Father's Rights activist Dr. Muriel Newman on their List, with the result that she is no longer in Parliament. Heather Roy, her replacement as No. 2 on the List, has, by contrast, been seen making the odd Feminist whine in her newsletters.

In many ways, the biggest battle in Parliament is between the organised, cross-party Feminists and the disorganised pro-male males. The leaking of theNational Party emails was very probably a deliberate effort by National Party Feminists to get rid of Dr. Brash.


* The term extreme makes sense here only in comparison with the other parties in Parliament. The term extreme is not objective.


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