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Parliamentary Cover-Up

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(Open Letter to the Speaker of the New Zealand Parliament)


On 11 February 2013 I received an email alert from Parliament’s website, stating that the deadline for submissions to the Justice and Electoral Committee on the Family Court Procedure Reform Bill was 13 February 2013 – just two days later. I dashed off a quick submission, in which I complained about the short notice that I had received.

On 25 February 2013 I spoke to someone called Jonathan in Parliament’s IT section. I had been put onto the IT section by the staff at the Justice and Electoral Committee. Jonathan never got back to me, so I kept ringing the IT section over the next few days. I spoke to someone called Sam and gave him my email address and phone number. I spoke to Jonathan again and was asked to send in a copy of the email alert which I had received to the email address ict.servicedesk@parliament.govt.nz (Attention: Jonathan), and I did that.

The email alert was sent to zohrab@paradise.net.nz , which is one of my email addresses, although I prefer to use peter@zohrab.name , which some websites do not accept as being a valid email address.

On 12 March 2013, I spoke to someone called Logan in the IT section, and he said he would get Jonathan to email me and tell me when I could expect an answer. However, he never emailed me (unless the email got lost).

On 13 March 2013 I emailed the same complaint to the parliamentary website’s Website Administrator, but received no reply.

On 20 March 2013, I spoke to a manager in the Office of the Clerk, a Mr. Williams, who indicated that there were other ways of finding out what Bills were open for submissions. That is true, but if Parliament provides email alerts, that is obviously a great time-saver – but it should not be provided if it does not work. He said he would get back to me – but he did not.

I consider that some unprofessional behavior has been going on: first, some interference with the email alert service for political reasons; and, secondly, a cover-up by members of your staff.

I would appreciate it if the highest democratic institution in the land were to demonstrate some transparency and accountability in this matter.


Reply from the Speaker of Parliament


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