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Are there any Human Rights in New Zealand?

Peter Zohrab (2014)

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(Open letter to the Speaker of the New Zealand Parliament)

27 August 2014

The Speaker Rt. Hon. David Carter
Parliament House

Dear Mr. Carter,

On 26 August 2014, Human Rights lawyer, Tony Ellis, said in an interview on Television New Zealand that Human Rights are only paid lip service to. It was not clear whether he was referring to human rights in general in New Zealand, but that may well be the case!

On August 1st 2014, some Men's Rights activists, including myself, were mounting a demonstration outside Bowen House, Wellington, which of course houses the offices of many Members of Parliament. Three security guards who were working inside Bowen House came out -- one-by-one and later en masse -- to harass us, by questioning us and implying that what we were doing was not allowed and that they had some authority over us, both of which was untrue. They took our photographs. I only got rid of them by taking their photographs and starting to phone the Police. As you know, they have no jurisdiction over the footpath and so were interfering with our Freedom of Expression.

At one stage, an obviously Feminist woman appeared out of nowhere and started arguing with us. I assume that she was deliberately dropped off by car in front of us, because I had not seen her walk towards us from the side along the footpath, and she left by being picked up by car from the footpath in front of us. She was obviously an agent provocateur, and it was after that that the three security guards appeared together and said that they had received a complaint, which appeared to be from her. It was a false complaint.

Could you please:

1. discipline your security guards for this arbitrary and totalitarian behaviour;
2. find out from them the name and contact details of the woman who complained to them and pass this information on to the Police and to me;
3. discipline them if they do not have a record of her name and contact details;
4. ask the Police to investigate if the incident with the agent provocateur was instigated by David Farrar, who passed in front of us twice and is a Feminist.

On 7 April 2013 I wrote to you about another case of Parliamentary staff apparently interfering with my Freedom of Expression -- with regard to Select Committee submissions. On that occasion, you gave no impression of having got to the bottom of the matter. I hope you achieve a better result this time. I note that the senior of the three security guards was a woman, and that the Clerk of Parliament does a good impression of being a Lesbian woman. David Farrar has mentioned that I have called New Zealand a Dykeocracy, so this may be a case in point -- see http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2006/02/peter_zohrab.html .

I will send you copies of the photographs I took of the security guards by email.

Yours sincerely,

Peter D. Zohrab


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