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The Dykeocracy and David Farrar

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The blog "Kiwiblog," which is apparently written by a certain David Farrar, says this about me:

"I recall when I worked in the PM’s Office seeing missives from Mr Zohrab that would refer to the dykeocracy which ruled the country etc. Burton Shipley would have found them amusing."

Now, I must say that this blog is a good deal more literate and rational than most of the responses that I used to get to my Usenet newsgroup postings. Nevertheless, I suspect that the prime characteristic needed to get a job in a minister's office is not being intelligent enough to show up the minister.

I say this, because David Farrar seems to have jumped to the conclusion that the term "Dykeocracy" was a personal attack on the then Prime Minister, Jenny Shipley. My emails were seldom, if ever, sent to just one politician, because I did not suffer from the delusion that you could very often change a politician's mind by communicating with them rationally one-on-one. Any emails referring to the Dykeocracy would have been sent to many politicians -- and a lot of other people besides. Moreover, when you use the word "Democracy", you are not referring to a specific individual but to a system of government. That is also the case when I use the word "Dykeocracy." Having said that, I recall that it was a Lesbian National Party Member of Parliament, Marilyn Waring, who crossed the floor of Parliament and forced Sir Robert Muldoon to call an early election, which he lost, and which ushered in an era of job-cutting and Right-wing economics.

A Dykeocracy is a system of government where the values and systems follow a basically Lesbian paradigm -- irrespective of whether the individuals holding down key positions in that system are Lesbians -- or even female, for that matter. Feminism is New Zealand's state ideology, and it has achieved that status by ignoring the rights and interests of men and children and concentrating on the perceived rights and interests of women in general, and Lesbians in particular. Lesbians have been (and are) hugely influential in the Feminist movement, and Feminism itself is essentially a Lesbian philosophy, in that it ignores the rights and interests of men and children and pursues the perceived rights and interests of women (especially Lesbians) exclusively.  It is in that sense that New Zealand, for example, is a Dykeocracy.

It is beyond the scope of this short article to prove that the statements in the previous paragraph are correct. There is a mass of material on this website and elsewhere which does that job.


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