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A Sexist Dyke in Parliament

© Peter Zohrab 2013

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As you can see from the webpage on Claudette Hauiti's Maiden Speech, Parliament now has a sexist dyke.  (That is apart from the Clerk of the House, who I hold responsible for the fact that I had only received two days' notice -- by automatic alert -- of a deadline to make a submission on a Bill.  I complained to the Speaker about that, and about being given the runaround by Parliamentary staff, but he just told me that I "had to realise" that the automatic alert was not the definitive version of information about Bills.  Meanwhile, a Parliamentary information technology staff-member, who had been giving me the runaround, just said "Right ... Right" and passed me on to someone's anwerphone, which I had already been passed onto several weeks previously!  The word "Right" is Wellington code, meaning that you do not have the correct political views and will therefore not get treated professionally.  When you next hear about a Right-Wing coup and Right-wing death squads, bear in mind that the Right is constantly disenfranchised by taxpayer-funded people like these, who see their jobs as a way of pursuing their private political objectives.  A concentration-camp full of such people, academics and media people is merely the logical outcome of these mini-dictators' careers of denying free speech to people who they disagreed with.)

In her speech, Hauiti said: "Today too many of our precious babies are dying, too many of our wahine (women -- PZ) are being bashed, and our tane (men -- PZ) are in jail."  Later, referring to the Bill that legalised same-sex marriage, this Lesbian said, "The fundamental principle of equality is one law for all." 

This sexist dyke used to be a television producer, and here she was, emphasising the sexist stereotype that men bash women, while also advocating one law for all!  That is typical of the mindlessness of television producers -- and of Maori women, in my experience.   Women assault men just as often as vice-versa (see Professor Fiebert's Annotated Domestic Violence Research Bibliography).  How about one law for both men and women?  How about abolishing the offence "Male Assaults Female", which has a higher maximum penalty than does Common Assault? 

Later, the Minister for Ethnic Affairs, Judith Collins, was making a speech, standing in front of Hauiti.  Interestingly, every time that Collins mentioned immigrants, Hauiti looked unhappy.  You could put this down to anti-immigrant racism, but it would be more charitable to point out that, of all sectors of New Zealand society, Third World immigrants are most likely to be hostile to Maori Lesbians.




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23 July 2015