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Peter Dunne Tramples on Human Rights, Bows to Media Power and Tells Lies

Peter Zohrab 2020

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The Media

In a historic move, a media organisation has admitted how powerful it is. In its article, Our Truth, Ta Matou Pono: Stuff introduces new Treaty of Waitangi based charter following historic apology, its Chief Executive, Sinead Boucher, states,

If you think the job of the news media, in our company and others, is to hold the powerful to account, well, we are the powerful. We really have had an enormous impact in shaping public thought in New Zealand and societal norms, not just reflecting them, and I think it is only fitting that a progressive company can pause and have a look at itself.


President Trump and I (amongst others) have been complaining about the undemocratic power of the media for a long time, so it is great to see that at least one media company has at last been forced to admit the obvious!!




One thing that the undemocratic, powerful media have been doing for many years is attempting to impose so-called "Diversity" on political parties. Time after time I have seen media interviewers question politicians about this concept, which goes against Human Rights* and economic efficiency. This constant repetition constitutes pressure on politicians and indoctrination of the voting public. This repetition makes the public think that Diversity is an important ideal to strive for and makes politicians think that the public want Diversity in their political parties. However, promoting Diversity means preferring certain races, ethnicities or genders to others, which breaches the spirit of our Human Rights legislation. It also causes New Zealand to have low productivity, because our workplaces are getting filled up with incompetent people, who are only there because of their race, ethnicity or gender, etc., and competent people can't get good jobs, because they are of the wrong race, ethnicity or gender!


Peter Dunne

Peter Dunne's article, A political party out of step and out of time, keeps harping on about Diversity, in relation to the National Party. However, since Dunne was formerly the leader of a rival political party, he is unlikely to have any effect! He is just showing that he is subservient to the media -- or maybe he listens too much to his brother, who apparently works in radio. I don't know why he has so much trust in the media. After all, the same journalists who think that talking about a female politician's appearance is "sexist" were constantly harping on about his hairstyle, when he was a politician!

It is incredibly arrogant and ludicrous for Dunne, as a former leader of a rival party, to presume to tell the National Party that it has lost its way and "has to 'regain its true soul.' " In fact, as most of us surely know, the National Party lost the recent general election mainly for the following reasons:

  • Jacinda Ardern became an international social media star, because of her reaction to the Christchurch massacre;

  • The COVID-19 epidemic put New Zealand into an emergency situation, in which people naturally rallied around the Government;

  • The COVID-19 epidemic gave Jacinda Ardern almost daily positive media coverage.

  • Mark Richardson, on TV3's AM show, suggested before the election that National Party supporters vote for the Labour Party. The point was that it looked as if Labour was going to win anyway, in which case (from a Right-Wing point of view), it would be better for Labour to have an absolute majority than for them to be forced to go into coalition with the Greens -- especially as the New Zealand First party looked as if it would not be returned to Parliament and therefore could not moderate the influence of the Greens.


None of the above reflects badly on the National Party. If anything is wrong with the National Party, it has been its effort to be a "Broad Church" -- i.e. all things to all men (people) -- which has resulted in a perception, perhaps, that it no longer stands for anything in particular. As regards "Diversity", I have heard National Party leader, Judith Collins, state to a journalist that what matters is diversity of thought. Of course, journalists did not like to hear that, because they are largely totalitarian Feminists, and only tolerate Feminist thought.


United States of America

Dunne refers to the situation in the USA, stating that the Republican Party there has to "regain its true soul." Otherwise, according to Dunne, "the extremist, populist elements that have overtaken the party in the Trump years will remain dominant, ... further dividing an already bitterly divided country...." In fact, no party has a "true soul", of course and the term "populist" actually means "democratic". The term "populist" is used as a term of abuse by elitist (or pseudo-elitist) Left-Wing academics and journalists, who like to keep the common people under their thumb. And the main reason for division in the United States is the fact that ordinary people can see that the media and universities are constantly peddling Left-Wing lies and half-truths. People should be able to rely on academics and the media for unbiased, factual information, but everyone can see that they are now largely activist Feminists and other Leftists.


Human Rights

In the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (1990), Section 19 on Freedom From Discrimination has an exception, which states that "Measures taken in good faith for the purpose of assisting or advancing persons or groups of persons disadvantaged because of discrimination that is unlawful by virtue of Part 2 of the Human Rights Act 1993 do not constitute discrimination." This exception does not justify the Cult of Diversity, since Diversity is just cosmetic and does not materially benefit anyone -- except the particular, relatively incompetent individuals who are unjustly selected in place of more competent people. If Diversity actually benefitted groups, I would feel oppressed by the fact that there is now one Eritrean Member of Parliament, but (as far as I know) no Member of Parliament who is a mixture of Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Armenian (and goodness knows what other) genes, like myself! But I do not feel oppressed by that fact.


All election results are aberrations, caused by particular factors at particular times, and they are always corrected (or affirmed) the next time an election is held. There is no need to panic.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

13 December 2020