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Obituary: Jeanette Fitzsimons

Peter Zohrab 2020

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The former Green Party Member of Parliament, Jeanette Fitzsimons, has apparently died and I am writing to provide a bit of balance, in the context of all the journalists' gushing about her. After all, she was a woman and a Leftist -- everything that journalists themselves love and (in practice) are, or act like. They say that you should not speak ill of the dead -- but you can be sure that any obituary written about me by a journalist will be full of negatives!

The reason I want to write about her is that, when I was working in Thorndon, Wellington, I once drove on a bridge over the motorway in Thorndon and saw Jeanette Fitzsimons walking on the footpath towards me. Her face fell when she saw me. I have long remembered that as being a curious event, since I don't remember having had any one-to-one interactions with her -- unless she once asked me a question when I was making a submission in a Select Committee.


My Past "Greenie" Experiences

  1. In the 1970s, I once played for a Ponsonby People's Union softball team in Auckland against a Values Party team, which included Tim Shadbolt. The Values Party was a precursor to the Green Party.

  2. I was once a member of Greenpeace.

  3. I once signed a Greenie petition against genetically modified organisms. However, since then I have studied Biology and Biotechnology and my views have shifted somewhat.

  4. I have had some fairly positive online interactions about Fathers'/Men's Rights with the then Green Party MP, Nandor Tanczos. I also met him briefly at Parliament.

  5. I once came across Green Party MP, Gareth Hughes, when we were both walking near the Wellington Botanic Garden. He moved rapidly away as soon as he saw me! I don't know if he recognised me or just wanted to avoid all unnecessary interactions with random members of the public.

  6. I once had a formal meeting at Parliament with then Green Party MP, Sue Kedgley, who was their Women's Affairs spokeswoman. She had also been a contemporary of mine at Victoria University of Wellington in the 1960s. She came across as a pleasant person, although I would not call her policies "pleasant".

  7. I once arranged a meeting at Parliament with then Green Party MP, Sue Bradford. However, she was away from her office when I turned up and she later ducked into a bookshop to avoid speaking to me, when I saw her on the street, so I assume that she had deliberately stood me up. This says something about the type of person that Sue Bradford is. No doubt the media love her, since she gets a lot of exposure on the media.


The Green Party

The Green Party is obviously a mixture of Environmentalists, Feminists and Leftists. Although the media are pushing the message that Jeanette Fitzsimons was a nice person, her reaction to seeing me on that bridge that day points to the fact that she was the human face for some nastier people, such as Sue Bradford and Jan Logie, who (as I pointed out in my article, "The Abolition of Men's Human Rights in New Zealand") has defined "Human Rights" as:"the safety of victims and children – particularly women and children." In other words, she is a Lesbian who does not think that men have any Human Rights. She used to work for the Women's Refuge and the Women's Refuge works closely with the Police, teaching that bunch of morons and anti-male thugs what they should think about Domestic Violence -- i.e. that women are good and men are bad.

-- Hamill, Jasper (2019): "Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim." Metro, 4 Jan 2019.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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6 March 2020