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Feminist Power & Control, Watergate and President Trump's "Russia Connection"

Peter Zohrab 2018

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"Total Control!" gloated an unknown woman at me in Wellington, after the formation of New Zealand's latest Labour-led government. The Prime Minister is female, the Governor-General is female, the Chief Justice is female, the head of the Security and Intelligence Service is female and the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security is also female.

But female power and control has always been far more subtle than just having female figureheads at the top. You all know of women who marry (or partner) a man and say that he has some faults, but she will work on him to fix them! What arrogance! And what is the power that women have that allows them to manipulate men in this way?

Yet "Power and Control" (the Duluth Model) was also the name of a complete fiction that Feminists invented and taught to morons such as police officers, lawyers, judges and politicians, in order to predispose these morons to pre-judge men to be the evil perpetrators and women to be the innocent victims of any alleged domestic violence! While women have long been practising Power and Control, the Feminists used their Power and Control over the media and education system (MUC) to teach the myth that evil men carried out domestic violence in order to control innocent women!

Because it is the Media University Complex which is really in control of us. What we don't know doesn't worry us and it is the media and the education system that (try to) control what we know and don't know. US President Donald Trump, of course, is aware of this, and he coined the phrase "Fake News".

But all Right-Wing politicians in the USA, New Zealand -- indeed, in every so-called "democratic" country-- are aware of:-

Even Left-wing politicians admit that journalists are Left-wing, as I found out when I had a lawyer who was a former Labour Party candidate!

All this has been known for a long time -- except that the media never report on it, of course! According to the book, "The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency," the motivation for the illegal activities which caused the Watergate scandal was President Nixon's anger at the unfairness of media bias. Why should he stick to the rules when he was not competing with the Democrats on a level playing field!?

So, if it turns out that Donald Trump did know -- at the time -- about Russian interference in the US political process, we should expect that his motivation would have been similar to that of Richard Nixon: the Fakeness of the Fake News!

The Fake News can't carry on being fake forever. We have the Internet now, and we know that the Fake News are fake and that they are not telling us that they are fake. They are manipulating us and this is destabilising. We could end up in a situation like the 1930s, when there were civil wars and even a World War between Right and Left. In these wars, the Right will be right and the Left will be left behind!

Left-wing politicians should become aware of the danger and help to put in place controls which turn the media into something more than a self-serving pack of brats who are constantly peddling their own in-house ideology, in an attempt to convert us to their way of thinking!

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Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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28 March 2018