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The Fascist Thickshit, David Cunliffe

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Just because David Cunliffe's webpage http://campaign.labour.org.nz/david_cunliffe makes a deliberate mistake, that doesn't mean he isn't stupid.  The page deliberately uses the ungrammatical phrase "most fairest", because apparently some Labour Party members think that he is too intelligent, and this grammatical mistake is meant to reassure them that he is thick, like them!  What a conman!  How patronising!

There is little respect for intelligence in New Zealand.  That is why moronic journalists, judges and the police take the Fascist Women's Refuge seriously and run to them for their "expert" opinion, as if they actually knew something about domestic violence!  That is exactly like asking a builder's labourer about architecture!

Women's Refuge are activists who kidnap men's children and only ever ask for the woman's side of any story.  That is called Predetermination, which is the worst possible crime against Natural Justice.  The police are accessories in this abuse of Natural Justice, because they work closely with Women's Refuge.

You can't know anything about domestic violence if you only ask for one side of the story!  But that is exactly what Feminist researchers have always done.  They only inteview female (so-called) victims and male (so-called) perpetrators -- and then they manage to come to the surprising conclusion that most women are victims and most men are perpetrators!

Feminist researchers try hard to ignore the huge amount of research that is listed in Professor Fiebert's Annotated Domestic Violence Bibliography.  That research consults both men and women and always finds that women hit men about as often as men hit women.  David Cunliffe is obviously too thick to understand this.

For David Cunliffe to go to Women's Refuge and apologise for being a man shows that he is a ruthless, man-hating Fascist.  He is also cunning, because he thinks that this will give him some publicity, and any publicity is better than no publicity!


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