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Protection Order - please print and/or distribute this widely

by R. M. Stead (October 2002)

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A Protection Order will prevent a father that you know from having anything to do with his children. He need not have committed a crime and it's guaranteed to ruin his life.

A Protection Order can be used to maximum advantage if you are a woman who wants total custody of your children while involved in a custody dispute. There is no need for evidence; just pick up the phone and say one of these phrases "I feel frightened, "I feel intimidated" or "I feel threatened" and the custody is yours.

But wait....there's more !

A Protection Order is so easy to get, you need not be without one. But if you're a man...sorry mate, you're hardly likely to qualify. Our society is striving for gender equality, so we generally only give these to woman. You think that's wrong? Get used to it. And welcome to the world of the Family Court.!

Thousands of PROTECTION ORDERS are given out against fathers involved in custody battles every year. A protection Order is a common tactic employed by Family Court Lawyers to woman : "Has he ever raised his voice to you? Has he ever slammed a door? The we can get a PROTECTION ORDER".

As soon as the PROTECTION ORDER goes on, the father is removed from his children's life. The custody battle is all but over. One minute he is the father, the next he will be arrested if he sends birthday presents or tries to talk to his children. And a protection order stays on for life!

Ninety-eight percent of PROTECTION ORDERS are made EX-PARTE- that means they are put in place without the father knowing what is happening. The first he hears of it is when a policeman arrives at his work and tells him he can't go home ever again.! And if he gets angry about that, it just proves the point; he must be an angry person, right?

If you receive a PROTECTION ORDER as a male you have to do an anger management course. That is an insult and if you weren't angry before you went on it, you will be when you come out.

So you haven't heard this before? Well that because the family court is CLOSED and you are prevented from knowing what is going on. The press are barred from all proceedings. Not healthy for a democracy is it?

In the family court there is no requirement for evidence-that is direct from the Principal Family Court Judge Mahoney.

U.S family Court Lawyer Renee Sperling calls New Zealand's Family Laws draconian with restrictions that are unheard of elsewhere in the world.

Women's Refuge working with the Ministry of Women's Affairs have lobbied very effectively against Fathers and Particularly the family-which they consider as oppressive to women. Those two organizations receive around $10million in annual funding to spew out anti-male propaganda. And they base the majority of their statistics for domestic violence on how many PROTECTION ORDERS there are....



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