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Bread and Circuses

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In 2003-4, John Tamihere, when he was Minister of Youth Affairs, advocated a Ministry of Men's Affairs, as does the Manifesto on this page: manifest.html.

All over the Western World, ruthless Feminist women are using the political and legal system to beat up men, who are too gutless or lethargic to organise into groups capable of defending themselves. In his famous interview with Investigate magazine, former Labour Party MP, John Tamihere, referred to some of his colleagues (specifically mentioning the Lesbian MP, Maryann Street, the then Prime Minister, Helen Clark's, Lesbian key advisor, Heather Simpson, and Helen Clark herself) as follows:

"That group of women has only one worldview, and men have to organize themselves to deal with that, and start winning the debates."

He also claims that the Labour Party hierarchy deliberately lost the General Election in 1993, so that pro-male Labour Party Leader, Mike Moore, would not become Prime Minister. He also states:

"They don't have families. They've got nothing but the ability to plot. I've gotta take my kid to soccer on Saurday, they don't."

Well, the answer to that is to stop taking your son to soccer on Saturday, John!

Seriously, if sport is men's great handicap in the Sex War, then men will just have to reduce their involvement in sport. Just today I learned that some All Blacks will be parading, naked except for their underpants, down a catwalk during Fashion Week. These professional sportsmen have to earn money any way they can, and now they have descended to the level of sex-objects for women to perve at! Remember, it has always been Feminists who complained that men treated women as sex objects. Now women are doing with impunity to men (including being violent) what they have long complained (usually falsely) that men did to women.

Men should leave sport to the professionals who want to be paid for letting women perve at them and start working hard to thwart the devious and hypocritical oppression that the Feminists are dealing to us. The rulers of Rome used to control the masses by giving them panem et circenses -- bread and circuses. Women are controlling men by letting them have beer and sport!

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