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Police Intimidate Man Making Official Information Request

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(Open Letter to the Ombudsmen)

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing to ask if you could kindly investigate and review the failure of the New Zealand Police to reply within 20 working days after the date on which I assume that they received my request for Official Information (copy enclosed). My request was sent to the Minister of Police on 17 August 2009, and she passed it on to the New Zealand Police.

There is an equally important issue in connection with this request which I would like to bring to your attention: I was telephoned by some male (whose name I did not take note of) who claimed to be from the Police and went into detail, enquiring exactly what statistics I wanted, given the particular ways that Police statistics are collected. During that telephone call, he used as an example the scenario of the Police coming to my house on a domestic violence matter and finding some cannabis there. The ostensible reason for his mentioning that scenario was the issue that the Police would classify that as a domestic violence event, even if any arrest was actually on a cannabis matter.

I assert that his reference to a scenario of the Police coming to my house was unnecessary, deliberate, and an attempt to intimidate me. I have experienced harassment for my political views by Police Headquarters staff when working for a different organisation in the Police Headquarters building, and I have had a false charge of obstruction laid against me by Police when they were illegally in my house and took objection to a political remark which I had made. Therefore, I have reason to believe that politically motivated intimidation is something that the Police are perfectly capable of.

I do not know of any specific jurisdiction which you have in the matter of the intimidation of people making requests for information, but it seems to me that you must be interested if attempts are made to pervert the operation of the Official Information Act, which you administer.


Yours sincerely,

Peter D. Zohrab



(Prior letter to Minister of Police)


Dear Judith Collins,


The Police webpage:


(last accessed on 17 August 2009) is entitled "Prevention and Reduction of Family Violence, November 2008: an Australasian Policing Strategy." It states:

"Family violence is a gendered issue. That is, men are predominantly the perpetrators, whilst women and children are predominantly the victims. This finding has been established through extensive research on the issue, and figures supporting these findings are duly reflected in the statistics recorded."

That is a lie. Not only is it a lie, but it is also defamatory towards men, discriminatory against men, and a breach of the Government's fiduciary duty towards its male citizens not to wage a Lesbian-inspired war on them. I refer you to Professor Fiebert's annotated bibliography of Family Violence research at http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm.

Under the Official Information Act, could you please send me a copy of the most recent document which proves that more men than women are actually arrested for Family Violence in New Zealand. My understanding is that such figures are not actually collected. If you do have figures to prove that, then the Government is in breach of the law for not making sure that the same proportion of women and men are arrested for Family Violence as the reasearch proves actually commits it – i.e. the numbers of women and men arrested should be roughly equal. The Government also lays itself open to the charge that it increases the level of Family Violence by refusing to address female violence and giving men no support against violent females. I note that the level of Family Violence has been rising, because of Governmnet policies.

Yours sincerely,

Peter D. Zohrab




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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