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The Criminal Hypocrisy of Pay Equity Proposals (Open Letter)

by Peter Zohrab (November 2003)

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To: Margaret Wilson, New Zealand Minister of Labour,

I hereby accuse you of criminal hypocrisy in your activities in relation to Pay Equity.

I refer to the Pay equity taskforce: Terms of Reference ( http://www.beehive.govt.nz/ViewDocument.cfm?DocumentID=17023 )


Peter Zohrab
Acting President
NZ Equality Education Foundation



Another reason that men's income is in general higher than that of women is that male-dominated
unions are much more active than female-dominated unions in pushing for pay rises. Whatever you
think of industrial action, it brings results, and it involves effort and sacrifice on the part of
union members. I was once told by a (female) long-time secondary teachers' union (PPTA) activist, who is
married to a meatworkers' union official, that men in the PPTA are much more militant about getting
pay rises than the women are, which is why it is men who have tended to lead the PPTA into
industrial action.

That is why the female-dominated primary teachers for many years had lower pay-rates than secondary
teachers, until they got the Government to allow them to parasitise all the hard work done by the
PPTA -- i.e. the Government pegged primary teachers' pay to secondary teachers' pay.

As in times of war, we have the females sucking the blood of the men.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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