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Feminist Violence

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There are bound to be a lot of hypocritical expressions of horror at the actions of two Fathers' Rights activists in hitting UK Prime Minister Blair with a condom at Parliament recently -- see: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3728617.stm -- but Western countries are ideologically based on the legitimisation of Feminist violence.

For example, the webpage http://www.needham.k12.ma.us/high_school/cur/Baker_00/2001_p2/baker_jt_jd_p2/emmeline_pankhurst.htm states:

"Emmeline Pankhurst and the WSPU worked towards granting women's suffrage, or giving women the right to vote in Great Britain. The group marched in parades and demonstrated peacefully, but were also militant. They smashed windows, tied themselves to buildings, and cut cables. Many were sent to jail and went on hunger strikes. The WSPU and it's actions finally won women the ballot in Britain in 1918."

This Feminist violence made women into a majority of the electorate, which elected governments which sent men alone to die in battle, passed laws to kill unborn children without consulting fathers (let alone the children), and deprived men of their children, property and income on separation or divorce, and so on and so forth. If violence is alright for women, why is it not alright for men ? The international Men's Movement has not (yet ?) carried out anything near that level of violence, anyway.

Women's violence has recently hit the news in New Zealand ( see: farmerss.html ), where women were flocking to buy items for their daughters from Farmers Trading Co. which included slogans such as "Boys are stupid: throw rocks at them." Farmers only took them off their shelves after receiving threats of criminal action against them for incitement to commit assault.

And advertisements glorifying assaults on men by women and the degradation of men by women are common in Western societies.

International research overwhelmingly shows that women are more violent towards men than vice-versa ( see: dvsumary.html ), yet by constantly pressure of lies and half-truths, Feminists have brainwashed the World into believing the opposite.

Abortion, finally, is by far the worst type of Genocide ever committed in human history. This Holocaust is perpetrated by women without consulting the innocent child, of course, but also without any legal need -- in Western countries -- to consult the father, even ! Of course, the father will be legally liable to support the child, if he/she escapes his/her mother's murderous self-absorption !


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