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Feminist Conspirators and Agents Provocateurs


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One of the stupidest remarks I have ever heard came from a conservative, middle-aged man, who I was giving a lift home to, from some meeting or other group activity.  He obviously knew that I was a Men's Rights Activist (MRA), because he told me -- in a tone which indicated that he was giving me some important advice -- that men just didn't join organisations of that sort.  Obviously, I already knew that the membership of men's organisations was still small, but the stupidity of the remark consisted in the fact that men not joining such organisations was a mere fashion -- a conventional state of mind.  Women have not always joined women's organisations in the way that they do nowadays; they had to be persuaded or indoctrinated into doing so by Feminist propaganda in the MUC (Media-University Complex)!  A similar process may or may not result in men joining men's organisations in similar numbers.  Only time will tell.

Compare that with the attitude of Feminists.  For many years, I worked at The Correspondence School, a female-dominated, Feminist-dominated institution, where I gradually acquired a reputation for being Anti-Feminist.  A Feminist teacher of Japanese there, Sue Sutherland, once told me that I would never defeat the Feminists, because "we are organised".  Feminist organisation is indeed the key to their success and the fact that Feminists organise themselves results in Feminist conspiracies and Feminist agents provocateurs.



Here is another possible example of a Feminist agent provocateur from Spain:

Recently, some Spanish activists from the "Projusticia" association (http://www.projusticia.es/) were giving out stickers with the message "Stop feminazis" when a woman allegedly grabbed one of the activists by the shoulder from behind. 

She started an argument because she felt offended by the term "feminazis", even if she was unable to explain the meaning of this word after being questioned by the activists as to whether she really knew what a feminazi was. She kept on arguing with increasingly hostile behaviour and allegedly called the activists "pigs". Following this insult there followed a more serious argument between the two parties.

The woman was allegedly touched by the finger of one of the activists, when he was trying to argue with her, after suffering insults from this woman, and she was busy arguing with another activist.

Later she allegedly tried to grab the mobile phone with which she was being recorded by the activists, but, after being asked not to do that by the activists, she did not try it again.  In the end, she phoned the police, but, since the whole incident was recorded, she will be the one who will be sued by these activists.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

2 July 2015