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The Feminazi term "appropriate"

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John Tamihere MP, in his famous interview with Investigate magazine (April 2005), mentioned a tactic he uses in the Labour Party (what I call the "Women's Party"):

"What you do is you always use the wimmins' (sic) language: 'I'm feeling unsafe!' And the women, as soon as they hear that, they're instantly with me. 'I'm feeling unsafe in here'. [chuckles]."

The response scrawled on above questionnaire is another example of "wimmin's language" (For further information on the questionnaire, see the page: stupidty.html). Looked at objectively, it is an incredibly stupid comment -- no hint is given about why, or in what way, it is supposed to be "inappropriate". But what is amazing is that men in New Zealand seems to take seriously such female stupidity as this. Kiwi men are really very house-trained and gutless.

I have noticed other examples of similar Feminist uses of this word:

  • An anonymous reviewer of an article I submitted to a journal (who I think is an intellectually stupid Lesbian Law lecturer) claimed that it was "inappropriate" for me to state that Feminist research into Domestic Violence was an abuse of trust, in an article where that was the main point that I was making !

  • In a Law class, when I told a Feminist lecturer that her behaviour in an incident she had just told us about (see the page: lawsecrt.html ) was incredible in its ethical implications, a Feminist student tried to shut me up by saying that it was "inappropriate" for me to say that.

  • In another Law class, when I was shouted down by some Feminazi students for criticising affirmative action in the appointment of judges to the International Criminal Court, the Feminazi lecturer, Verena Murschetz, backed the Feminazis and told me that my comment was "inappropriate". In the end, however, after a preliminary argument about freedom of speech, I prevailed and was able to make my point, . After the lecture, I went to talk to her, and she tried unsuccessfully to avoid me. I told her that that place (the Faculty of Law at Victoria University of Wellington) was the most Fascist place I had ever been in.

It is important to note that this use of the word "appropriate" is not just stupid and laughable -- it is also totalitarian and oppressive. It relies on learned passivity and acquiescence on the part of men in New Zealand -- and no doubt in all other Western countries, as well.

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