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The incompetent Dr. Russel Norman

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Dr. Russel Norman is intellectually incompetent.  He has a PhD in Politics, and I know that Feminism and intellectual incompetence are prerequisites for that particular degree.  Only Feminists and the intellectually incompetent are awarded the marks which enable them to get PhDs in Politics, to get lecturing jobs, and then to discriminate against non-Feminists and people who can think.  You still get about 30 times the number of hits when you search for "women" on the Green Party website as you do when you search for "men".

According to http://thestandard.org.nz/russel-norman-to-colin-craig-bring-it-on/ what Russel Norman said which Colin Craig objected to was the following:

Now the thing about Colin Craig is he thinks that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and a gay man’s place is in the closet.

Now, it is quite clear that Norman's opponent, Colin Craig, knows nothing and cares less about homosexual rights -- just as Feminists like the Green Party, Russel Norman and Steven Price know nothing and care less about men's rights.  You can tell that, because Colin Craig said on television that "gays" did not hide in closets.  This shows that he does not understand the connection of gays with closets, which is the term "closet queen", which refers to men who only express their homosexuality secretly -- e.g. by having women's clothes in their closets (wardrobes).

The page http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11204929 quotes Russel Norman's lawyer as follows:

Mr Price said Dr Norman's comments at the Big Gay Out in Auckland were metaphorical and were not meant to be taken literally.


Mr Price said that they should be interpreted as a "colloquial suggestion" that the Conservative leader's attitudes to women and gay people were outdated and disrespectful.

It is ludicrous to say that Russel Norman's quoted remarks were "metaphorical."  Price should look up the word "metaphorical" in the dictionary.    Similarly, politicians -- especially in election year -- cannot get away with saying that their remarks were "colloquial".  They are asking the electorate to entrust them with power, and everything that they say is relevant to an assessment of whether they are suitable to be given that power.  The Big Gay Out is the coming-together of a political pressure-group, which is why politicians like John Key are so keen to be there.  Homosexuals are particularly powerful in the media and John Key knows which side his bread is buttered on!  Lesbians have always been the driving-force behind the theory underlying the anti-male hate-crime that Parliament's domestic violence law constitutes.

I have studied in the moronic environment of a university Political Science and International Relations department.  In that intellectually subnormal environment, people do think in terms of "fashions",  as Norman and Price do.  They think it is sufficient to think in terms of cliches, instead of actually thinking about the issues clearly.  That is why it is impossible to get vicious man-haters like Russel Norman to realise that it is sexist and oppressive of the Green Party to concentrate on women's rights and ignore men's rights.  He just thinks that it is now the fashion to concentrate on women's rights, and that to think about men's rights is old-fashioned.  In fact, no one in the Establishment has ever thought about mens' rights, and Feminists have capitalised on that male chivalry.

If Russel Norman thinks that it is "unfashionable" for women to be in the kitchen, he must think that it is "fashionable" for them to be in the workplace.  That is an issue that needs to be discussed rationally, and not in terms of fashion -- like his co-leader's clothes.  On the one hand, there is the issue of children being looked after properly by one parent who is at home full-time.  That issue cannot be discussed rationally, if Russel Norman is raving on about "fashions".  On the other hand, if women have the "right" to go out and work, then men also have the right to decide about abortion and to get equal custody after divorce and separation.  These issues cannot be discussed rationally if the moron, Dr. Russel Norman, is locked into a "fashion" mindset!




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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