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Salient's anti-male sexism and censorship

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In Issue 6, 4th April 2011, the Victoria University of Wellington student newspaper, Salient, had its regular humour column (entitled "LOL") with several short items in it. I wrote a letter to Salient about two of those items. Salient censored the letter -- i.e. did not publish it or otherwise mention it.

Both the censorship and the issue I wrote about are typical of the media (i.e. the Feminist media), in my experience.

This is what my online, web-form letter stated (more or less):

One article was a humorous take on an old woman who committed aggravated assault or attempted murder -- with a gun -- on a younger man who had rejected her sexual advances. There was no mention of her being arrested or punished.

Lower down, there was a humorous take on a male lecturer who had piddled on his colleague's door. It was stated that the man was charged with a misdemeanour.

I pointed out that it was typical of Western attitudes to Domestic Violence that either the media or the legal system found a woman's assault on a man with a gun merely humorous, and not needing any penalty, or any mention of one, whereas the media and the courts both found a man piddling on a door to be a serious matter, worthy of legal consequences and the reporting thereof.

These kinds of anti-male media bias and anti-male censorship are absolutely routine, in my experience. Freedom of Expression is too complex a notion for most journalists and academics to grasp -- all they understand is the right to agree with Feminism.


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