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The Sexist and Racist, Duncan Garner

© Peter Zohrab 2011

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On Sunday 21 August 2011, on TV3's "The Nation" programme, Duncan Garner was interviewing the Minister of Education, Anne Tolley. Amongst other questions, he asked her something about what she was doing to help Maori boys.

Now why should the sexist, racist scum, Duncan Garner single out Maori boys? If you do a search at the NZQA website, you get results such as the page http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/qualifications/ssq/statistics/provider-selected-crystalreport.do which shows that boys do approximately just as badly, compared to girls, across all listed ethnicities. For example, at NCEA Level 3 in Year 13, NZ Maori males do nine percentage points worse than NZ Maori females, NZ European males do eleven percentage points worse than NZ European females, Pasifika males do six percentage points worse than Pasifika females, Asian males do seven percentage points worse than Asian females, and "Other/Unspecified" males do nine percentage points worse than "Other/Unspecified" females.

It is grossly racist of Garner to single out Maori boys, and grossly sexist of him to ignore the fact that it is boys of all ethnicities who are suffering, compared to girls. Garner is complicit in the insane, politically correct conspiracy to deny that boys and men have any problems, so as to keep propping up the myth that women and girls are oppressed by men. In fact, it is the women who, along with the sexist Media University Complex, are oppressing men and boys. I once had a liberal criminal lawyer object to my emphasis on helping males -- he said Maoris were more disadvantaged. I replied that helping Maoris and men were not alternatives -- you could do both, since you could make out a case that both men and Maoris are disadvantaged, judging by the imprisonment statistics. Maoris are proportionately more imprisoned than Non-Maoris, but men are proportionately more imprisoned than women. It may be more complicated than that, of course, but that is a first step in analysing the problems.

Similarly, TVNZ's Guyon Espiner is totally incapable of taking a pro-male stance on anything -- e.g. on recruiting double standards in the Police. Duncan Garner is positively open-minded, by comparison! Espiner has a fine line in sneers. His lip seems to curl at the idea of a male or White having anything to complain about. Because of the constant brainwashing that we receive at the hands of the Media University Complex, society has been totally transformed, and males and Whites do actually have some things to complain about. That does not mean that women and Non-Whites have nothing to complain about. The Media University Complex has brainwashed itself and us, so that information-dictators such as Guyon Espiner live by the simplistic notions that male = well-off oppressor and White = well-off oppressor, and he censors the news accordingly.


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