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Media Sexism and Stupidity in Alliance with University Sexism and Stupidity

Peter Zohrab 2019

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(NB I have used the acronym "BeeDeeEssEm" below, because the capital-letter version of this acronym is banned on some websites that I use.)


The UK's Guardian newspaper has decided that there is a market for gross, sexist drivel in New Zealand, so it has started publishing the ravings of moronic female lecturers. A case in point is Samantha Keene's piece about the Grace Millane murder trial, "Women’s sexual histories have no place in a murder trial, as Grace Millane case shows".

As a female teacher of Criminology, Keene does not need a brain, and she clearly did not need one to write her article. She was obviously trying to prove that women’s sexual histories have no place in a murder trial, and the following points are all that she says in support of that conclusion:

  1. She states, "Violence against women is one of New Zealand’s most significant and pressing social issues." Well, no it isn't! New Zealand's most significant and pressing social issue by far is sexism against men -- as epitomised by the phrase, "Violence against women." That is a Feminist mantra. That sexist phrase has no place in a democratic society and epitomises the anti-male attitude that women are entitled to be violent against men and unborn children, which violence is ignored or downplayed by the universities, the media, the police and the courts and increasingly legalised by Parliament.

  2. She states, "it quickly became a trial about a young woman’s sexual history and interests." Well, no it did not! That is a lie! Even Keene knows very well that the trial was about a prosecution allegation that Millane was intentionally or recklessly murdered and it in fact resulted in the conviction of a possibly innocent man. Since Keene hates men, she doesn't care about that!

  3. She states, referring to the defence, "the case it built suggested she was somehow blameworthy." That is another lie! The defence specifically stated that they were not blaming Millane. However, they had to go into the background of the case, because they were trying to prove that it was an accident. Since Keene hates men, she likes people saying bad things about men, but she hates anyone saying anything about women that might lower other people's respect for them.

  4. She states, "Women’s sexual histories have no place in a murder trial." That is another Feminist mantra. Keene seems to have no knowledge of, or interest in the Law or Human Rights. A person on trial is supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty. The defence is supposed to bring all reasonable arguments to bear on the issue, so that the judge and jury have all the relevant information they need to draw the correct conclusion. Since Keene is a Fascist man-hater who is being given a platform by the Fascist Guardian newspaper, all she cares about is convicting men and allowing women to appear saintly and blameless at all times.

  5. Keene then goes off on a two-paragraph rant about rape trials, which are totally irrelevant to murder trials. The Feminists have made a lot of fuss about the treatment of witnesses in rape trials and she hopes that some of this hysteria can be transferred to the topic of this murder trial.

  6. Returning to her main topic, this murder trial, she criticises the defence's treatment of a witness, stating, "She was accused of being 'melodramatic' and it was suggested she was making up her disclosure of his sexually violent behaviour. " The stupid man-hater, Keene, obviously expects the defence simply to believe whatever prosecution witnesses happen to want to say!

  7. Keene complains that Millane's presence on Fetlife and Whiplr should not have been used as evidence of her rough-sex interests. A 0.49 second search of Google reveals that "FetLife is the Social Network for the BeeDeeEssEm, Fetish & Kinky Community." An even quicker search of Google reveals that Whipler provides, "Dating, chat and community app for BeeDeeEssEm, fetish, kinky and alternative lifestyles." If Millane was present on those sites, was she just looking for petfood for her cat, perhaps? It is obvious that Victoria University of Wellington hires women as lecturers just to fill a quota of man-haters, because Keene seems to be completely thick! And so is the Guardian to pay her for such drivel!

  8. Keene goes on to say, "Whether Millane liked rough sex or not is irrelevant because nobody can consent to murder." Only someone at the other end of Keene's d1ldo could possibly take that statement seriously. No one was claiming that Millane consented to murder, but she obviously might have consented to some violent sex at times, because that is what BeeDeeEssEm implies. The defence case was that Millane's death could have resulted accidentally during violent sex, so the defence needed to explain the context to the judge and jury.

  9. Keene is a vicious man-hater and she, Victoria University of Wellington and the Guardian are guilty of a desire for men to be found guilty whenever charged with a crime in court.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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6 December 2019