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Sexist Incompetence in the Media

© Peter Zohrab 2007

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(Open Letter to ABC News)

On the one hand, I should congratulate you on your piece "Turning the
Tables" http://abcnews.go.com/Primetime/story?id=2741047&page=1 , which
showed how almost everyone ignored partner violence by a woman
on a man, whereas many came to the help of a woman when abused by a man in a
similar situation.

On the other hand, your heading "Turning the Tables: How Do People React
When There's Abuse in Public, But the Gender Roles are Reversed? How Would
You React?
" is clearly sexist and incompetent.

As your article itself states, "There are some data that suggest that women
actually hit more than men do," (actually, it's not "some data" -- it's
hundreds of studies -- see http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm). So
what's all this about "turning the tables" and "Gender Roles are Reversed" ?
Your own article states that a woman abusing a man is more common than vice
versa -- so what's your problem: can't you read, or something?

The only tables that were turned were those that were turned on the lying
media (like you, no doubt), who have constantly purveyed the fiction that
men are the abusers. The only reversal of gender roles that occurred
occurred in the minds of the journalists who allowed this experiment to be
publicised. It is typical of the arrogance of the media to first create a
fiction and then reveal with surprise that their own fiction was not true
after all!

Your reaction to the following excerpt was also totally inadequate:

'The reaction of another woman, Lynda, was stunning. As our actress
continued to heap abuse on her make-believe boyfriend, she walked by the
scene and pumped her fist in a show of sisterly solidarity.

"Good for you. You Go, Girl!" is how Lynda recalls her reaction.

"I was thinking he probably did something really bad," she said. "Maybe she
caught him cheating or something like that.and [it] made her lose it and
slap him in the face. I reacted like, 'Yes. Woman power.'" '

This incident was not just "stunning". It was typical of the attitude of
Feminists in the media, the education system, the justice system, women's
refuges, and government, and explains why you are able to portray the truth
about domestic violence as some sort of unexpected reversal. "Woman power"
Feminists like this are not going to allow truth to see the light of day,
are they?

Note that one of the people who did not help the abused man was a policeman!
Exactly what hope have men of getting police help against abusive partners
with a police mentality of that sort?

Finally, why didn't you aks for comment from men's groups?




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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1 August 2015