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Susan Wood Proves that Women Should Not Be On Company Boards

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On Sunday 5th May 2013, TV One's Q+A programme put on a feminist activist item about getting more women on company boards.  It was a feminist activist item, because it had no pro-male activists, such as myself, presenting an alternative view.  However, that feminist activist item was proof in itself how vital it is to keep women off company boards.  The point is that Susan Wood is not paid by taxpayers and advertising revenue to pursue her private political agenda.  She is supposed to be providing a service to the public of New Zealand.  Since she is a journalist, we can see what she is doing, but in the case of women on boards, it will be hard to see when/if they use their positions to push feminist agendas, to the detriment of men.

This was not an isolated example, by any means!  I have several webpages about such journalistic bias -- see Issues: Media Bias and Media Bias (resources) , which are just a small selection from the files I have kept on examples of feminist media bias, which themselves are only a small selection of those which have occurred over the past decades.  For example, TV 3's morning programme, Firstline, is fronted by Rachel Smalley, who used to use the programme, on a regular basis, as the propaganda arm of the New Zealand women's movement.  Radio New Zealand does the same in its news bulletins and in other programmes such as Nine-to-Noon and Kim Hill's Saturday morning programme.  Chris Laidlaw used to have a pro-men slot on his Sunday morning programme, until (as I had predicted to him) he got "castrated", so to speak.

I's not that the men in the media are much better -- partly because they would not have got anywhere unless they had been feminists, and partly because they work in a feminist environment, which rubs off on them.  For example, Susan Wood's predecessor, Paul Holmes, once told me he was no longer going to read my emails, because they were all about men.  Of course the rest of television was more or less all about women, but he did not have the brains or the bravery to see that.  It serves him right that he died partly because of prostate cancer, seeing that he did nothing about that, or any othe men's issue, unless and until it started to affect him!

I have plenty of experience of dealing with women in positions of authority which I could mention, but I want to keep this short.  The point is, women should be kept out of positions of authority if they keep using their positions to push political, anti-male agendas.  Of course, they say that they are only trying to achieve "equality", but that is a blatant lie, as we can see by how Susan Wood behaves in practice.  What has Susan Wood done to reduce male suicide numbers, conscript women into wars, increase female workplace fatalities to match the male fatality numbers, increase male sole custody to match female sole custody, increase the numbers of male teachers or of male university students, or increase male longevity to match female longevity - and so on and so forth!


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