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Scott Adams Gets Men's Rights into the Media!

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Scott Adams (who is the creator of the Dilbert cartoon, apparently) has finally got Men's Rights into the media!! See his blog entry "I'm a What?" at http://www.dilbert.com/blog/entry/im_a_what/. He does talk like the Feminist Matriarchy's Uncle Tom, in some respects, but since Men's Rights usually gets absolute zero mainstream media coverage, we have to conclude that he is a very smart cookie with a sense of humour, on the balance of probabilities.

In connection with the late Neil Foord, a New Zealander who was imprisoned for alleged rape, I have written:

Although Neil Foord wrote more letters to the media than anyone I have ever known, I have never seen any media coverage of his claims that false allegations had been made against him. In my opinion, the reason he gave his deathbed interview (about not paying child employees) and handed over a cheque was purely beause that was the only way he could get the viciously Feminist media to give any coverage to his claims of false allegations. That was the only way he could get people ... to search Google for his name and arrive at my webpage about him!

(You can see the page which that extract comes from at neilfoord.html .)

So I think it is likely that Scott Adams really intended to publicise Men's Rights, and just made rude remarks about Masculists as a smokescreen.

On the other hand, he does say:

Generally speaking, society discourages male behavior whereas female behavior is celebrated. Exceptions are the fields of sports, humor and war. Men are allowed to do what they want in those areas.

If he is right (and I think he is being a bit naive to think that any masculine behaviour can escape the control of the Matriarchy*), then his field -- humour -- is one in which the Feminazis won't oppress him. That puts him in the position of being able to look down on his fellow-men and call them insulting names, as he does. He is not adversely affected by the Matriarchy, so he can express his sense of superiority by being contemptuous towards the majority of men who are suffering under the yoke of the MUC (Media-University Complex) and Feminazi oppression. That makes him an Uncle Tom -- especially since he apologises to women but repeats his anti-male insults.

The concluding part of his original blog on Men's Rights, where he calls other men nasty names and tells them to put up with the Feminazi Matriarchy, is completely illogical. It is illogical, because the current situation, where women have almost all the advantages and men have almost all the problems, is the result of about 200 years of Feminist activism. If there had been equivalent women in the past who told women to just put up with things that appeared to go against them, and if all women had obeyed them, then we wouldn't be living under the Feminist Matriarchy that we are living under today. While pretending to be about equity or equality, Feminists have pushed women's apparent self-interest -- at the expense of men's -- into the position of a state religion.

Men certainly are a bunch of pussies -- as Adams says -- but they are a bunch of pussies for putting up with the Feminazi Matriarchy for so long!

In his second blog entry, which explained why he had taken down his original one on Men's Rights, Adams states:

I'm not trying to move you to my point of view; I'm trying to add diversity to your portfolio of thoughts.

That sounds sincere, but it could be disingenuous. At best, it's naive. I don't call Feminazis Feminazis for nothing! A vital part of their ruling system is censorship of pro-male opinions. That is what the MUC (Media-University Complex) is all about!! So, for a high-profile cartoonist to actually mention online (some of) the issues that get Masculists annoyed is totally impermissible ("inappropriate") in the Feminazi societies that we (many of us) live in.

Anyway, the bottom line is: All publicity is good publicity; all publicity is good, if you're being systematically ignored. This is not about Scott Adams; who cares about him?


* As Jack Kammer says, if men have all the power, how come women make all the rules? See my article The Frontman Fallacy to realise why you don't get a picture of who runs a society by counting the number of women in decision-making roles.




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