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French Media Condone Kidnapping in China

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Open Letter to China's Minister of State Security, His Excellency Geng Huichang


I do not wish to interfere in the internal affairs of the People's Republic of China, but just to inform you of a matter that may be of interest to you.

At about 1445 Hours on 15 July 2010 (New Zealand Time), I saw on the television programme "France 2 - Le Journal" (shown on the Stratos channel) four women in China holding onto a man and forcing him into a car. I am sure that it must be illegal in China for private individuals to kidnap someone and force him into a car against his will. French journalists were either accomplices to this criminal act or know the identity of the accomplices and/or perpetrators of the act.

The French so-called "news" (i.e. propaganda) item was about men in China who allegedly have a minor wife, in addition to their main wife, and the four women were allegedly taking the man away from his minor wife and back to his main wife. The arrogance of some people in Western countries with respect to sexual customs is amazing, and this event must surely constitute interference in the internal affairs of China -- albeit on a minor scale.

My opinion on this matter is perhaps of no interest to Your Excellency, but I consider that the People's Republic of China might want to take steps to punish the foreign media concerned and to prevent foreign news media from encouraging or giving favourable publicity to illegal acts in your country.

(Sign off)




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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