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Examples of Apparently Lesbian Feminists

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I have never undertaken an actual study of Lesbian Feminists, or jotted down a note every time I have come across one.  That is a pity, because that sort of study needs to be done.  There is a PhD in that -- unless it has already been done.  If it has already been done, it will have been done from a Feminist point of view, so there is still a need for such a study to be done from a Men's Rights point of view.  For example, the Establishment institution, Wikipedia, expressly outlaws any study of Lesbian Feminists as a phenomenon, insisting that the topic should only be studied from the point of view of the Lesbian Feminists themselves:

This category should contain people who are noted for their work, writings, or activism around Lesbian feminism. It should not be used to categorize people who are simply feminists and lesbians (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Lesbian_feminists as at 2 November 2014).

Anyway, here are my experiences in relation to some apparent Lesbian Feminists.  You will note what appaears to be a close connection between Lesbians and the issue of Domestic Violence.

  1. Sue Chetwin.  She is the Chief Executive of Consumer NZ and comes across as a Lesbian.  Before she became Chief Executive, I had a subscription to Consumer Magazine -- until it ran a one-sided, anti-male Feminist propaganda article on Domestic Violence.  I assume that that was her work.  I complained to Consumer and it refunded my subscription, which was apparently its standard practice upon receiving a complaint.

  2. Jenny Rowan.  The first openly Lesbian mayor in New Zealand, she made the Kapiti Coast District Council the first to support the sexist, anti-male White Ribbon Campaign (about Domestic Violence).

  3. When I went to the office of the National Network of Stopping Violence Services (which makes money from blaming men for Domestic Violence and from teaching them not to hit women) a few years ago, I found one White man, one Maori woman and one or two White Lesbians.  The Maori woman tried to kidnap me by standing in front of the lift buttons when I wanted to leave.  I can imagine that such behaviour might lead to violence, but fortunately the man persuaded her to move away and let me leave!

  4. In 2014 a group of Men's Rights Activists went to the Families Commission, which has been associated with the anti-male White Ribbon Campaign about men's violence towards women and also with the anti-male Domestic Violence Clearinghouse. We heard the good news that the White Ribbon Campaign would no longer be part of the Families Commission, and we found that the Families Commision was a female-dominated place, with at least one Lesbian in it.

  5. When I was studying Law at Victoria University of Wellington, the then Head of the Criminal Law course, Elisabeth MacDonald, told the class one day that the next lecture would be replaced by a video (obviously, a Feminist video) on Domestic Violence, and that we did not have to come and see it, as it was optional and would not be assessed.  I made a point of going to see it, though it was obvious to me that she would have preferred me to stay away!  Why, if it was not being assessed, was she wasting taxpayers' money and our fees by showing it to us, you might ask. The answer, obviously, was that it was an emotive Feminist propaganda video, which started with the voice of a terrified-sounding woman calling the Police.  The "theory" part of the video consisted of a very butch Lesbian (I think "Bull-Dyke" is the term), with a crew-cut and dressed all in black leather, who was addressing a packed hall full of what appeared to be adoring women.

  6. I once went – uninvited -- to the launch of an "Anti-Violence Week" in Wellington, New Zealand. I got there early, and found that the organising was being done almost exclusively by butch Lesbians ! When I interrupted the opening speech to complain that no men's groups had been invited, one of the Lesbians told me that men should organise their own anti-violence week!  In other words, she was admitting that "Anti-Violence" was a specifically pro-women, anti-men concept, as far as she was concerned.

  7. Michael Bott and I (together with Max Aston and others) co-founded the New Zealand Men's Rights Association.  One day we were looking at one of the many anti-male publications on Domestic Violence that have been produced by the Ministry of (women's) Justice.  Looking at the list of contributors, he pointed to most of the (women's) names, and said that they were Lesbians.  Some years later, it seemed to me that some of the same women moved from the Ministry of Justice to Police National Headquarters, but I could be wrong.  (Later, Mike Bott left the organisation, went to Law School, and is now a prominent Civil Liberties lawyer.)

  8. Iceland is the only country to have gone virtually bankrupt after the Great Financial Crisis of about 2009.  A Lesbian became the next Prime Minister, and there were media reports that blamed the bankruptcy on testosterone or machismo!  However, if a Lesbian was powerful enough to become Prime Minister, it seems to me that you could equally well find an explanation that was based on Lesbianism and/or Feminism!




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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12 July 2015