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International Pro-Male Association letter to the then Secretary-General of the United Nations

International Pro-Male Association 2006

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This is one of five letters written by the (now disbanded) International Pro-Male Association to international organisations. None of these letters was replied to or even acknowledged.

3 December 2006

The Secretary-General
UN Headquarters
First Avenue at 46th Street
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr. Annan,

Subject : Introducing the the International Pro-Male Association

On behalf of the International Pro-Male Association (IPMA), I would like to point out the clear irrationality and discriminatory nature of the one-sided emphasis placed on women’s perceived rights and needs. This has become a conscious part of the current United Nations reform process, as evidenced by the relevant section of Delivering as One, the Report of the Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel (http://www.un.org/events/panel/resources/pdfs/HLP-SWC-FinalReport.pdf ). The irrationality is manifested in an ideological refusal even to consider men’s rights and needs, and an unevidenced assumption that the men who hold most of the positions of authority use this authority to further the interests of men over those of women.

As secretary of the International Pro-Male Association (IPMA), an organisation created to counter both the anti-male bias and ignorance of the male perspective found in international institutions, I would seek to have our views incorporated into all future work of the UN.

There is an important difference between an assumption and a fact, and the IPMA considers that the standards of rationality and intelligence employed by the United Nations decision-making process should be of the highest order.

It is not enough simply to assume that women are disadvantaged. If they are disadvantaged, that must be in relation to men, and that logically requires a thorough, objective comparison between the advantages and disadavantages of being a man or a woman in today’s world. No such thorough, objective comparison between the advantages and disadavantages of being a man or a woman in the world has ever been carried out. It is not enough simply to assume, on the basis of emotive language and selective, or even fictionalised data, that women are relatively disadvantaged over all.

The proposed consolidated UN “gender equality and women’s empowerment programme”, in particular, will further intensify the discrimination against men which is already rampant in many areas of life. This discrimination is especially pernicious in developed countries, where the rise of the Men’s and Fathers’ Movement will not have escaped your notice. It is a Feminist assumption that men cannot discriminate against other men, but, in fact, men who believe Feminist doctrines are at least as likely to discriminate against other men as are women.

We would also like to point out that the notions of gender equality and women’s empowerment should be analysed separately as distinct concepts, and not just run together slogan-fashion. The notion of gender equality implictly includes the concepts of equality of welfare and equality of power (and there are many forms of power that should be analysed). The notion of women’s empowerment, on the other hand, appears simply to assume that women have no significant forms of power, and that they should have more (for unstated reasons). It is historically typical of men that they have held more of some forms of power than women, but it is also historically typical of men that they have used this power mainly for the benefit of women and children. Empowering women, when they are empowered by simplistic and irrational Feminist myths, merely results in women using their new forms of power to benefit women at the expense of men and children – as many countries are now finding in the area of divorce and separation law, for example.

The IPMA therefore calls upon you urgently to convene a conference of equal numbers of representatives of Men’s Rights and Womens’ Rights organisations at the United Nations in Geneva, in order to inject some semblance of professionalism, competence and rationality into the area of gender. Until such a conference had been held, no reform plans in this area should be implemented.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Zohrab
International Pro-Male Association

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