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Research on Stepfathers and Child Abuse and on Women's Sexual Violence


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(Open letter to the New Zealand Prime Minister's Chief Science Adviser. The point here is that the increase in "blended families" brought about by Feminism and related social changes has increased child abuse.)


Dear Professor Sir Peter Gluckman,

Further to my open letter to the Prime Minister I am submitting for your committee's consideration a short annotated bibliography of research relating to stepfathers and sexual abuse of children, in case the committee has not seen these items yet.

I would like to point out that the issue of sexual abuse of children seems often to be treated as if it were equivalent to male sexual abuse of children. The issue of female sexual abuse of children seems to be fairly well hidden, because, of course, it was the Feminists who made the initial political campaigns about both sexual abuse of children and domestic violence, and Feminists, of course, are only interested in finding bad guys who are male.

Therefore, I wish to point you in the direction of my webpage which has stills from a home video showing sexual abuse on a boy being perpetrated by a female. The person who took the video was himself a lawyer (although not a criminal lawyer), and he did not even notice anything amiss. This may support my contention that lawyers and police officers have really almost no concept of females being able to commit sexual offences, and do not take the issue seriously. Indeed, sexual offences by females have only relatively recently been made punishable in New Zealand law.

1. Russell, Diana: The Prevalence and Seriousness of Incestuous Abuse: Stepfathers VS. Biological Fathers, Child Abuse & Neglect Vol. 8, pp. 15-22, 1984.

This article provides statistical evidence both:

2. Gordon, Michael and Creighton, Susan: Natal and Non-natal Fathers as Sexual Abusers in the United Kingdom: A Comparative Analysis, Journal of Marriage and the Family 50 (February 1988): 99-105.

This article states that: "A number of studies have shown that girls living with non-natal fathers are at higher risk for sexual abuse than girls living with natal fathers." I refer you to the article's References section.


3. Fergusson, David et al. (this article will be known to the committee, since the lead author is a member), Childhood Sexual Abuse and Psychiatric Disorder in Young Adulthood: I. Prevalence of Sexual Abuse and Factors Associated with Sexual Abuse, J. Am. Acad. Child Adolesc. Psychiatry, 34:10, October 1996.

This article does not separate out fathers from stepfathers, but it does state:

"Young people reporting (Sexual Abuse of Children) had more often experienced parental separation or divorce, had more often been exposed to high levels of marital conflict, and had more often been reared in families with stepparents."


4. Mian, Marcellina, Wehrspann, William, Klajner-Diamond, Halina, LeBaron, Deborah, and Winder, Constance: Review of 125 Children 6 Years of Age and Under Who Were Sexually Abused, Child Abuse & Neglect, Vol. 10, pp 223-229, 1986.

This article also does not separate out fathers from stepfathers, but it does state that "Parents of children who had been the victims of intrafamilial abuse were more likely to be separated or divorced." This implies the presence of stepfathers in at least some cases.


Here are some references relating to female sexual aggression against men, which may or may not be considered relevant:

1. Krahé, Barbara, Scheinberger-Olwig, Renate, and Bieneck, Steffen: Men's Reports of Nonconsensual Sexual Interactions With Women: Prevalence and Impact, Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 32, No 2, April 2003, pp 165-175.

2. Krahé, Barbara, Waizenhöfer, Eva, and Möller, Ingrid: Women's Sexual Aggression Against Men: Prevalence and Predictors, Sex Roles, Vol. 49, Nos 5/6, September 2003.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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