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Submission on the Royal Succession Bill

© Peter Zohrab 2013

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I submit that the Royal succession should continue to be based on sex (although not on gender). My reasons are as follows:

1. The Monarchy is not about democracy or rights, but about tradition. If traditional aspects of that institution are to be tampered with, then it might as well be abolished altogether. That is not my main reason, although I place it first.

2. My main reason is that this Government is all about oppressing men, and has done absolutely nothing, in its two terms to date, to abolish discrimination against men, of which I have mentioned several examples in correspondence with MPs over the course of the years. It is absolutely typical that it should -- on the other hand -- go to the trouble of abolishing this minor bit of discrimination against women.

3. The British Government has been moving to further discriminate against men in the Justice System, by such measures as abolishing women's prisons and indoctrinating the judiciary in Feminist propaganda. Therefore the New Zealand Government should underline its abhorrence of discrimination against men by refusing to cooperate with the British Government in the form of this Bill.

4. There has been some publicity about British banknotes recently. Feminists have prevailed upon the authorities to replace the image of the epoch-making scientist, Charles Darwin, with that of a female fictionalist of the second rank. That is despite the fact that (it appears) all British banknotes already have on them the image of the Queen. This indicates that the British Monarch is in fact desexed, and not viewed as either male or female.

5. If this Bill is passed, New Zealand should move to becoming a Republic.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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16 July 2015