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Oppressed Men and Self-Hatred

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I have suggested, at times, that men should be regarded as an oppressed group, and this idea has now been taken up by a political party in the United Kingdom.

It is common, in Left-wing writings, to come across the idea that self-hatred is one symptom of oppression. For example, the webpage http://www.iwaynet.net/~mhiser/html/diversity.html states:

To challenge oppression, we must first start to become aware of the assumptions underlying institutional rules and then start to question them. We must see the contradiction between our social ideals and reality. We must then begin to imagine alternative possibilities for organizing social life. Oppression seems like normal, good common sense once we internalize the attitudes and roles that support and reinforce the idea of a dominant group. Even the target group can internalize these beliefs and then experience feelings of self-hatred, inferiority, resignation, concealment and powerlessness.

I couldn't have done a better job of describing the situation of modern western men than the above passage does -- though, of course, it is meant to be describing the position of women, Blacks and Homosexuals, etc.. What is different about men is that they are excluded from all the political benefits of recognition as an oppressed group, by the fact that women are founder-members of the Rainbow Coalition of oppressed groups -- and it would seem self-contradictory to have both men and women in that coalition. Who would be left to be the "bad guys" to point your finger at ?

So I not suprised that a Women's Studies lecturer has found that women like men more than men like men. It would not be the first time that Feminists had created a problem, and then used some of their their massive funding to do some research and uncover -- with great surprise -- the problem that they themselves had caused ! Feminist anti-male propaganda has, over many decades, caused endemic man-hatred (misandry) in Western societies.

An email report of this research states:

"Yes, this research goes against what people think they think, but that is
the advantage of collecting data in manner where people can't control their
responses,'' Rudman said.

It is typical of Western societies, dominated as they are by unacknowledged ideologies such as Feminism, that people should actually not know what they themselves think. See my essay: "The Opposite is Usually the Case."

Universities and the mass media generally exploit their supposed role -- as providers of education, research, news and general information -- in order to pursue Leftist agendas, such as Feminist ones. We need to wake up to the fact that these organisations are doing this, and draw the appropriate conclusions.


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