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The Judicial Raping of the American Male

(Anonymous) 2003

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When is a lie not a lie ? It is not a lie when it is told by a woman, in relation to a civil court proceeding or a divorce hearing.

Women can say and falsely accuse men of anything, without being required to substantiate any of their claims. The women are above the requirements of the law, for having to provide proof of the charges they make, when it comes to a divorce and claims of spousal abuse.

In this day and age, a man is guilty in the eyes of the courts, until proven innocent, when it comes to the accusations of a woman. Moreover, it is made almost impossible for a man to prove his innocence. He is given little recourse within the legal system.

The Facts

In this case, the woman was a foreign national, an alien seeking to stay in this country. The man, was the director of a Christian Based Ministry.

The woman was caught in adultery. The husband filed for a divorce. In retaliation, the woman filed the spousal abuse charges, one month after the initial divorce filing. The woman even responded to the initial divorce filing, stating that she disagreed, that the marriage was irretrievably broken.

The woman wanted to gain the advantage over the man, instead of her having to answer, and be responsible for, her actions. With the filing of the divorce, the woman was subject to certain deportation, because her visa was attached to being married only to the one man. But, once she knew she was facing deportation, she filed the spousal abuse charges, after the fact. Claiming spousal abuse prevented the woman from being deported and provided grounds for the woman to stay in this country and sponsor herself.

The woman went to the Arapahoe County Courts. She claimed spousal abuse. Without her being required to provide one shred of physical evidence or one witness to substantiate her claims, the Arapahoe County Courts immediately issued a restraining order against the man, without ever talking to the man or providing him with the opportunity to defend himself.

The Arapahoe County Courts, cared nothing for the motivation behind the filing of spousal abuse charges by the woman. They even took the opposite position against the man, and placed him under a restraining order, which prevented him from contacting, cooperating with, or providing evidence to the INS. He could not provide them with information that would affect the application of the woman to stay in this country, based upon her claims of spousal abuse. The man was inhibited from providing any defence to the charges leveled against him, or cooperation with the Federal Government.

The Courts required not one shred of physical evidence to be presented by the woman and did not require one witness. They just issued a restraining order, based upon the groundless claims and ravings of the woman.

When the matter went to a formal hearing, the woman still did not provide one shred of physical evidence or one witness. She got up on the stand, ranting and raving and just stated a string of lies. Nevertheless, the Arapahoe County Courts did not challenge her for proof, but put a restraining order in place against the man, based only on the testimony given by the woman and man.

Though the woman perjured herself to gain advantage over the man, no one dares challenge her or question her claims or motivation. Not the police, not the courts, and not the DA’s office. The woman is looked upon as being above reproach and no one is willing to investigate, to see and prove that she is lying.

The Arapahoe County Courts, without ever requiring anyone to submit to a polygraph, or provide any physical evidence, or provide witnesses, or provide records of police complaints, or provide any substantiation to the charges, subjects the man to defamation of character, slander, ruination of his reputation, financial loss, possible criminal prosecution, and the potential for a permanent criminal record. The woman is allowed to literally ruin the man’s life, without ever having to answer or prove to anyone, what she claims. There is no one questioning the woman, requiring proof, or even looking at the motivation behind the charges being made, until a possible final divorce hearing. But in the meantime, the man is badgered into a submissive position, by the threats of the women and the courts, to settle the filing, before going before a prejudiced court and legal system.

Because this is a no-fault state, no one cares about what is right and wrong. It is all about advantage, for the financial gain of the women. Adultery gives the wronged man no advantage in court. Spousal abuse does, for the women. So claims of spousal abuse put the men at a disadvantage and on the defensive, because the courts and laws are biased and support the women. The men are deemed guilty and subjected to persecution, without evidence.

No one cares what the truth is. The courts just rule, based upon the State statutes and the unsubstantiated railings of a woman who is motivated by profit.



There is apparently a new justice in this country, that precludes the rights of men. It is a Woman’s brand of justice, that does not require truth, proof, or substantiation. It is a justice meant to subjugate men, to the position of being less than equal in the eyes of the courts, and afforded fewer rights than women.

It is a justice that enslaves men to the wills of women, in opposition to the truth. Men are not provided due process of Law, in the face of the accusations of women, within the court system. Sometimes, the only way to drive the women into the position of having to provide evidence, is to file a civil suit against them for slander and defamation of character.

There is no longer justice for all. We live in this country, partly because of its standards of justice. Well, men are no longer afforded justice, within the civil / divorce legal system. Justice is now apparently conditional, based upon the context of the situation and the sex of the individuals involved.

Within the civil courts, they do not care about truth and justice anymore -- only about the administration of the laws that are set in place, that favor the women’s agendas, and the dispersion of assets to the women.

(Name Supplied)

PS. The author is willing to submit to polygraph, under any conditions, and to provide documentation, in order to substantiate the truth of the claims made in this article.


NB. The above scenario, with minor variations, is a perfectly normal occurrence in courts in most parts of the Western World. (Peter Zohrab)


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