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The Psychodynamics of the Sex War

© Peter Zohrab 2007

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The Psychodynamics of the Sex War

Human rationality is a scarce resource. I doubt that anyone would claim that religion is a rational phenomenon, for example. In the West, religion has been to a large extent been defeated and replaced by Feminism, Marxism and Secularism. Secularism may be a rational phenomenon, but Feminism (being ill-defined and emotionally driven) and Marxism (being based on unrealistic assumptions) are not. Marxism has almost disappeared from the World scene, but now Radical Islam is demonstrating once again the power of human irrationality.

Here is my view on the psychodynamic history of Feminism so far, and on what it would take to defeat it (apart from Radical Islam). Politics makes for strange bedfellows, as the saying goes, and I would not rule out Masculism forming an alliance with Radical Islam, but it would be hard to imagine the Christian part of the Masculist movement favouring such an alliance! However, it is true that Catholics and Muslims do cooperate to some extent at the international level because of the power of organised Feminism.


The Problem

Feminist anti-male propaganda builds on the anti-male bias of male chivalry, making Western men almost incapable of criticising women, or of judging them by the same standards as men are judged by. For example, professional sportswomen generally compete in separate competitions from professional sportsmen. Why? Because otherwise the sportswomen would never win. Are there any professions where men and women are segregated because men would otherwise never get to the top? No -- this would be illegal and discriminatory! Once, when I raised this issue, one New Zealand man said to me -- as his sole argument -- that New Zealand men would never agree to abolishing sexual apartheid in sports. In other words, rationality just didn't come into it. You had to make allowances and special exceptions for women, and that was that!

However, Democracy requires equality, and if women are not judged by the same standards as men, then they should not have the same rights as men. Women have achieved huge political victories at the expense of men on the back of slogans about Equality and/or Equity. There is no such thing as Piecemeal Equality. Either men and women are equal across the board or they are not equal at all. The current system of "Piecemeal Equality" -- Equality only where women want it -- is grossly discriminatory and unfair to men.

See examples on my webpage ifandif.html and see also: Schapelle Corby and the Family Court.

I saw another example of this chivalry on New Zealand television recently, when a British woman was filmed visiting New York as part of a British series of programmes called "Dickens in America". She was given a ride in a police car so that she could see what its normal business consisted of. One incident that the police intervened in was an altercation between a Black man and a Black woman on a footpath. Each of the two policemen interviewed one of the couple separately, and the outcome was that the man was arrested, because he had some sort of restraining or protection order out against him.

What happened next was that the two policemen were shown posing for the camera in front of their police car, with an amazingly self-satisfied smirk on each of their faces -- as if they were cats who had just had a huge bowl of cream. Police work is stressful, dangerous and has few rewards, but it seems to me that one reward that these two policemen got from their job was that it gave them the opportunity to help women by putting men behind bars. There is really no other explanation for their posing in front of their squad car at that particular time with those expressions on their faces. All the Feminist propaganda about male violence makes it safe for policemen to show pleasure at such events.



Historically, Feminism has always had a strong Lesbian and Bisexual component, and Lesbian Feminists have been known to claim that a woman could not be a true Feminist unless she was a Lesbian. A few years ago, in fact, the entire leadership of the US National Organization for Women stated that they were Lesbians. The need for Lesbians to be independent of men has probably always been present, and it has taken the Feminist Movement to (in effect) push women into feeling a need for the sort of independence from men that Lesbians need for psychosexual and economic reasons. The propaganda around "strong women" is another aspect of this Feminist drive to turn mainstream women into near-Lesbians.

Lesbians have the strategic advantage that they do not "sleep with the enemy" (men). They do not have to make compromises, or tailor their Feminist policies to ones that their male partners would go along with -- because they don't have male partners.

Feminist-driven policy changes and changes in the law have transformed Western societies over the last 200 years or so, but each new generation of boys and girls grows into adulthood accepting as normal (and being taught to accept as normal) what their parents and grandparents would likely have regarded as extreme, absurd, obscene or unbelievable. Males, in particular, have to accept some of these Feminist changes as 'normal", if they want to get along with their highly politicised girlfriends. Males internalise these changes and feel that it would be "unmasculine" to struggle against women for their own political rights -- especially as this might involve, in part, reversing some of the victories that their girlfriends have been taught to be so proud of.

I saw an absurd example of this sort of social change on New Zealand's Channel 4 TV station -- which was relaying Australia's Channel Nine (at about 10:30 AM on 22 January 2007, NZ Time). The anchors were discussing some aspect of men's and women's roles with a couple of female guests, when one of the guests (a dumb-sounding woman) said something like:

"There are not so many really stupid women as there used to be."

On the face of it, this is a really stupid statement: obviously, there is not likely to have been any change in the distribution of intelligence among Australian women! What she meant was that the number of women who were content to appear to be bimbos had declined, because Feminism claimed that women were equal to or better than men, and it has been pushing women to have their own careers, where appearing to be a bimbo is not usually advantageous.

This is typical of the way that Feminism has changed social reality. Irrespective of how many women really are or were stupid (however you would determine that), Feminism has, to a large extent, made it socially and even legally unacceptable for men to treat them as stupid. Feminism has also pressured women to appear intelligent (i.e. to behave like the possibly stupid women who have achieved seniority as a result of Affirmative Action).


The Solution

For Masculism (the assertion of Men's Rights) to become a powerful movement, men need to be able to be as psychologiclly independent of women's approval as Feminists have been. Feminism, with its strong Lesbian component, has taught western women that it doesn't matter if men approve of Feminism or not -- women should decide for themselves what their political goals are.

Masculists either want to win the Sex War or they don't. If they do, they need to think about their tactics and strategy in a thoroughgong manner. Many Masculists have inhibitions about using particular tactics and strategies. My message to them is: If the Feminists have used a particular tactic or strategy to get where they are (i.e. nearly at World Domination), then we have to be prepared to use the same, or similar tactics. Otherwise we will lose.

Lesbianism has been crucial to the success of the Feminist movement. Many people are in denial about this, for various reasons. Some people are politically correct, and don't agree with attacking Lesbians. However, it is not necessary to criticise Lesbians' sexual practices -- just their hatred of men, as expressed first in media propaganda, then in Law, and finally in the mainstream attitude to men in Society as a whole.

From adolescence on, men are scared of homosexuality and pracise "gender policing', to make sure that other men behave in a manly manner. Paradoxically, the countries and organisations which are most overtly hostile to homosexuality are actually full of covert homosexuals. Strict Muslim countries, with their sexual segregation, both have very severe penalties for homosexuality and a lot of practising homosexuals -- as references to the "sexual customs of the Gulf" make clear. Likewise, Catholic seminaries are said to be full of homosexuals, although the Catholic Church is strictly opposed to homosexuality. Muslims and Catholics are also amongst the most pro-men groups in today's generally anti-male World.

I am not advocating homosexuality1, but lessons should be learned from the relatively pro-male stance of the Muslims and the Catholics. The higher your profile as a Men's Rights activist, the more hostility and discrimination you will experience on a daily basis. If you say and do what the Feminists want you to say and do, on the other hand, women in Western societies will treat you like the lovely pet poodle that you are. There are hard choices to be made. Whose side are you on? Do you want the easy life of a poodle, or do you want to join the Brotherhood on the path to victory?


1 Read my lips! I mean what I say. I was astounded when I met an overseas Masculist for the first time, and he greeted me by saying, "Thank you for coming out," and later proceeded to put his arm around me!! What I am advocating is more acceptance of closer male bonding, but that is a theoretical position, and is not an indication of personal relationship preferences.



Peter Douglas Zohrab

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