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Sexist Stupidity of the Year 2003

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This award goes to domestic violence counsellor Tufa Reid's reported reaction to a research finding on Domestic violence by Pacific Island women in Auckland. See: http://onenews.nzoom.com/onenews_detail/0,1227,198289-1-7,00.html


The study showed that the percentage (nearly 55%) of Pacific Island women in Auckland, New Zealand, who report committing domestic violence is almost double the percentage who say they are victims of domestic violence.

The Television One news item went on to state:

"But the findings do not match the experience of a South Auckland counsellor. 'I have only counselled quite a lot of women that have been hit by their partners...not women hitting their partners,' domestic violence counsellor Tufa Reid says."

How many women are going to go to a domestic violence counsellor because they want to confess to hitting their partners ? Have you ever seen any advertising that encourages women to do this ? If that is really what Tufa Reid said, her statement is a stupid non-sequitur, and it is also sexist, because it assumes (in the usual Feminist fashion) that you can find out all you need to know about relations between men and women by asking women only !


It has taken years of pressure to get Television One to report the facts (as opposed to the man-hating myths) about Domestic Violence.

You can't tell a stupid, ignorant person that they are stupid or ignorant, because they don't have the intelligence or knowledge to understand the problem. The same applies to trying to tell a brainwashed person that they have been brainwashed. In any country, people believe whatever they see on the most popular television channel -- unless they think it is controlled by someone like the Government.

It is much harder for people to realise that a television station can be controlled by an ideology, such as Feminism. When the most popular news station in a country, such as TV One in New Zealand, constantly creates the impression (without actually saying so) that Domestic Violence is just a problem of men hitting women, you can't compete with their mass-coverage and pretty faces by merely telling the truth (For the truth, see: http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm ).

The truth has no credibility in such a brainwashing context. You have to adopt the guerilla tactics of Mao Ze Dong:

conquer (i.e. persuade) the less powerful citadels (media);

encircle the enemy (TV One) with the truth;

and, eventually, conquer the capital (force TV One to tell the truth).

That has been my strategy over many years.


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