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Men Flee Femidyke New Zealand

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There has been a lot of publicity lately about how women in New Zealand greatly outnumber men in the 20-49 age-group. Where have they all gone ? Overseas, apparently. Apparently, about equal numbers of men and women go overseas, but a greater proportion of men than women stay there.

The problem was first noticed in relation to Australian men, but the problem with New Zealand men is (proportionately) much greater.

There seem to me to be two reasons for this:

  1. Men realise that New Zealand is now run by women for women -- instead of by men for women and children, as has traditionally been the case throughout history all over the World. For this reason, many men see no reason to come back, once they have escaped. As a letter to the New Zealand Herald by Charles Purcell (on 29 July 2005) put it: "Our women need to give men a much better deal. They should listen less to radical feminists of indeterminate sexuality and give their men a fair go."

  2. New Zealand men are probably more attractive to overseas women than New Zealand women are to overseas men, so Kiwi women can't get into relationships overseas to the extent that Kiwi men can. Kiwi women might think it's funny to talk about "equality", while letting women meet lower physical standards on entry to the Police, and to buy clothing that urges girls to throw stones at boys, but overseas men are likely to see this as a sign of a Lesbian culture among New Zealand women as a whole -- and they would be right ! There is a Wellington rag that used to be called The Dominion, and it used to feature articles barinwashing women into becoming "strong women". And we have a Prime Minister called Helen Clark who votes for a Civil Union Bill but wants to stop police officers having heterosexual group sex ! Someone must have voted for her !

New Zealand men are voting with their feet. I hope not all the ones with brains have left, because we need brains to put an end to this situation !


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