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The United Nations and Abortion

by Austin Ruse, President of C-FAM, 2008

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April 30, 2008

Pro-Life Countries Back Away from Unborn at UN….

Friday Fax often stands alone…

Your help is desperately needed…


Dear Friend,

It is a sorrowful state of affairs but even pro-life countries have backed away from protecting the unborn child at the UN. I will tell you why in a minute. I will not name names because we do not want to embarrass our friends who are under terrible pressure. But if you have seen what I have seen, you would weep.

The anti-life forces at the UN are many and rich and powerful. They include:

• almost the entire UN bureaucracy
• almost the entire European Union
• large sections of the US Department of State
• huge UN agencies like the UN Population Fund and UNICEF
• fabulously wealthy foundations that spend billions promoting abortion like Rockefeller, Ford, Hewlett, Packard, and Gates

Do you get the picture? The fact that we have kept them from making abortion a universally recognized human right is a miracle. And can be chalked up to a few small countries and a handful of brave non-governmental organizations.

But we are losing ground, friends. The small countries that have come to the aid of the unborn are under wicked pressure to conform to the anti-life ethos.

They are threatened with losing millions and billions in financial aid from UN agencies and the development agencies of the European Union.

They are under pressure from rich foundations who hire lawyers to sue them in international courts and in their own domestic courts.

They are under pressure by the New York Times and the London Times and the international chattering classes who mock them and hold them up to ridicule.

There are some in the UN community who just want this issue to go away. They would rather work on popular issues like poverty reduction and conflict resolution. These are the popular issues that make you a lot of friends and praise from the New York Times.

They would prefer that we and the unborn would just go away. We won't. Ever.

What all this means though is that C-FAM, the Friday Fax and our excellent coalition partners have to work doubly and triply hard to defend the unborn and the family from these rapacious radicals and from the complacency of governmental delegations who have surrendered the fight.

But it takes cold hard cash to do it.

At the center of this fight is the Friday Fax and you are needed more than even to keep this it going.

The Friday Fax has broken more stories about the anti-life and anti-family machinations of UN radicals than any publication in the world. Period.

The Friday Fax is read by 100,000 people all over the world; in the US State Department, in the UN Secretariat (a mere hundred yards from where I type this message), in the heart of the Vatican, in the foreign ministries of dozens of countries friend and foe alike.

The Friday Fax is expensive. It costs us upwards of $100,000 to put it out. This includes research, writing, printing, postage, rent, salaries, everything. That sounds like a lot and it is, but it is next to nothing compared to the fight we are in and to those for whom we fight, God's precious unborn.

Can you help us raise $50,000 for the next six months of the Friday Fax?

Can you write a check right now for $1000? $500? $100? $50?

Your donation will be plowed right into the most important fight in the world right now; the fight to advance freedom from international coercion and to protect the unborn and the family.

Here is how to give. Click right HERE and you will be taken to our secure server where you are can give by credit card, wire transfer, and also by check.

The address to give by check is

666 11th Street NW
Suite 450
Washington DC 20001

Friend, we need you. At a time when we are expanding, we need your help now more than ever. You might have noticed we have gone to two stories a week. This is a response to the increased pressure from the radicals. At a time we must expand it is also a time that we need you the most.

Please dig down deep and give as much as you can. Go HERE and give right now.


Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse


PS Please know that we have many friends in the UN Secretariat and in the various UN delegations but they are small in number and surrounded and they, too, need the Friday Fax. Give to help them!

PPS C-FAM and the Friday Fax are not supported by big foundations. We are not supported by government grants. We do not a group of wealthy individuals taking care of us. We are supported almost exclusively by donors just like you.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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